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How To Take Care Of A Large Family

  1. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 7 years ago

    How To Take Care Of A Large Family

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    ankigarg87posted 7 years ago

    With love and affection we can take care of large family

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    Tirzah Laughsposted 7 years ago

    Buy in bulk all household supplies.
    Plan meals in advance.

    Only buy clothing on sale.

    Explain early that good grades will be needed because scholarships for college are a must.

    Older kids help with younger kids.   Multitask.

    Make friends with other parents in their after school activities so your kid can car pool with them sometimes.

    You only do big events once a year...and save all year for it.

    No eating out.

  4. Penelope Princess profile image56
    Penelope Princessposted 7 years ago

    Budget wise you would be surprised how much money you could save by just cutting out the junk food such as soda, chips, coookies.

    Any sweets or treats are cooked from scratch.  This is far cheaper and better for the kids.  I use King Arthur flour which has 100% whole grain in what I bake.  It is good for the kids but has the advantage of working like white.  My bread machine makes pizza dough warm and fresh.  The kids get to choose the toppings, or make a calzone with various ingredients of meats, cheese, or mushroom, green or red pepper, onion, etc.

    Teach your children from a very young age to be happy with what they have and not always strive for more things.  We always took our kids to church basement sales.  Most things were 25 cents and the toys were pennies.  The kids could take a plastic bag each and fill them with toys they wanted.  This way it didn't kill my pocketbook but they felt like they got something new.

    My kids were taught how to cook meals, clean the house, bake treats, and feel useful in the household.  They work with me as a team.  Each person does a certain area each day. 

    One may clean the rooms downstairs, one clean the kitchen, and my older one do laundry, or cook a meal.  We love each other and work together like a well oiled machine smile

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    gmwilliamsposted 4 years ago


    Children of large families must LEARN to do WITHOUT even some necessities. When they are older, if they want the things other children have, they have to take afterschool and weekend jobs to acquire such things.  They won't be able to participate in cultural and intellectual activities as such activities cost monies. They have to create their own mode of entertainment.

    Parents of large families(6 or more kids) must live at the subsistent level at best. Many parents of large families are below water socioeconomically. It is commonplace for large families to depend upon charities and other forms of outside assistatance through religious organizations and more affluent relatives to keep them socioeconomically afloat.  Many children from large families depend upon schools to receive medical and dental care.  Children of large families regularly participate in free breakfast and lunch programs as there is often or not insufficient amounts of food in the household.   

    Parents of large families have to buy canned and powdered foods and food products as such are very cheap.  They cannot afford to purchase fresh produce, meats, grains, and vegetables as such is costly and beyond the budget of the average large family.  Children in large families oftentimes have to consume less nutritious foods. They also have to purchase clothings and other items at the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and other second hand stores.  They can also get clothing from charities and other donations.

    Since parents cannot adequately raise a large family by themselves, the oldest and/or older children become parentified, assuming parenting duties to their younger siblings.  Oldest children in large families have LITTLE or FREE individualized time. What free time they have is spent raising and being parents to their siblings.   Parents of large families are seldom involved in their children's lives. Children learn to raise and care for themselves at a very young age.   

    In the life of large families, children's summers are spent working to supplement family income and/or to purchase things for school and for themselves.  Unless the child is on a scholarship, he/she will attend public schools.    Parents of large families CANNOT afford to send their children to any form of private and/or parochial school. That is totally out of the question. As the children become older, they will have to work full-time to help supplement income. College-no such thing for children in large families!