can u help us rebuld and renovate our house???

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    loretta colemanposted 7 years ago

    can u help us rebuld and renovate our house???

    the roof is caving in cracks are everywhere front steps are cracked all the way down all windows are broken accept the bathroom and front porch base ment floods all light fixer are broken everything is old bathroom sink cracked toliet old falct for bathroom broken.

  2. hillrider profile image59
    hillriderposted 7 years ago

    I took some time to read the Hub below the question for some information before responding to this question, hoping to gain more insight into what exactly was being requested. It appears from the list above that major renovations could be in order if the roof is caving and all the windows are broken.
       Since this was submitted was 6 weeks ago and I am not certain where you live I am unsure I am able to offer any assistance. Perhaps a few photos of damaged areas could be added to the hub (attached to this question) that would show more clearly what exactly must be done.

       I have nearly 30 years in the home remodeling and building trades so if there is something it is possible for homeowners to do I will offer any advice, and answer every question I am able to render every assistance possible.
       It is sad you are considering moving, rather than repairing the home that means so much to you and your family. I understand how difficult this decision must be. My offer stands and it shouldn't be hard to locate me for contact ... LOL