Never heard of adopt a Senior Don but I love the idea

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    sparky71posted 7 years ago

    Never heard of adopt a Senior Don but I love the idea

    Always welcomed at my house; I love to cook and share with friends and family. I know how you feel

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    sysbergposted 4 years ago

    I have already purchased the hosting site as well as the website name. Right now I'm trying to raise some money to aid in development. Some of the things necessary will be to incorporate as well as legal services to outline the policies.
    The website is names and will begin development soon.
    I never thought it was going to be easy, but don't think people realize the safety that has to go along with it.
    We don't want some bad characters getting to our seniors.
    Please continue to check into that website. Right now it is just reserved, but soon will show signs of making my dream a reality.
    You are welcome to go to the link below where I explain a lot and am requesting some fundraising donations. you can goto and search for adoptseniors
    Thank you,