Having lived in the Briardale Projects myself, I would like to know who you are?

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    Shunkwilerposted 6 years ago

    Having lived in the Briardale Projects myself, I would like to know who you are? Thanks

    Hey homie!  We, Shunkwiler's shunk@sc.rr.com lived on East 232nd St., off Briardale at Babbitt Rd., had friends throughout the patch. We all went to Shore School then Euclid High School. Now live in Columbia, SC.  Still correspond and attend reunions with others who lived in the patch.


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    MFB IIIposted 6 years ago

    I lived on East  250th street and went to Russel Erwine Elementary, Forest Park Junior High and then Euclid High School. Believe it or not I did grow up in my early years on 232nd street. But only through Kindergarten. My name then was Frederick Blowers, and I had three sisters, Susanne, Irline and Rebecca, also a brother David.  I still go back to the golf course every once in a while to relive the feel of what was my favorite neighborhood. Thanks for asking. I did not know they had reunions for the patch. i will have to check into that.~~~MFB III

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    Michael Ruggieroposted 4 weeks ago

    Mike Ruggiero my mother was Donna my father was Nick I have 3 Sisters Sandy Donna and Beverly I have 3 Brothers Nick Rich and Rick I am 67 years old and lived in the patch for quite a few years all of my sisters still have girlfriends from there that they're still friends with today spend a lot of days in the woods in the patch sitting on dead trees and talking with friends it was one of the best times in my life