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Evening meals - important family time, or functional necessity before relaxing t

  1. pierceh profile image68
    piercehposted 6 years ago

    Evening meals - important family time, or functional necessity before relaxing time?


  2. stars439 profile image73
    stars439posted 6 years ago

    This does seem like a good time to be with a family. It is nice to share breakfast with family.My family , and I always enjoy being together during meals. It is a blessing, and God Bless you.

  3. jacqui2011 profile image83
    jacqui2011posted 6 years ago

    I think evening meals should be a time for the family to get together, and catch up with what is happening in their lives, and how their day has been. We always sit down as a family at meal times and listen to one another. Sometimes in our busy lives, it is the only chance that a family can get to actually talk to each other. Unfortunately, we never get the chance at breakfast as we are all just grabbing something quick, rushing around, leaving for work, school etc.

  4. The Ghostwriter profile image74
    The Ghostwriterposted 6 years ago

    It is important that at least one meal is shared by everyone each day.

    An evening meal is a great time for everyone to sit down and communicate.

  5. Zubair Ahmed profile image78
    Zubair Ahmedposted 6 years ago

    I think it is a good time to spend with your family, although many families do not or are not able to get together for evening meals.  This only results in lack of communication between family members.

    If you can then I'd advise everyone to use the time productively, talking and getting to understand what your children or other half has been upto during the day  nothing beats the chat around teh dinner table.

  6. Pam Pounds profile image79
    Pam Poundsposted 6 years ago

    Oh the purpose of the evening meal.  Life is so hectic.  Dinner is a time to talk, and not text.  To hear about each other's day without the help of Facebook.  To speak without the support of the online dictionary.  To relate to one another.  With only ...one another...