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How would you define a good parent?

  1. dmop profile image76
    dmopposted 5 years ago

    How would you define a good parent?


  2. premsingh profile image61
    premsinghposted 5 years ago

    A good parent may be defined as a parent who is concerned with the well being of children. A good parent has to fulfill all the requirement of kids including educational, financial, social and emotional. Most parents think that they have done their duties if they have met the financial needs of the children. Proper growth and development of children demands emotional care from the parents. Single parent may never satisfy sentiments of kids as this requirement has to be met from both mother and father. Requirements from both the parents is different.

  3. rclinton5280 profile image77
    rclinton5280posted 5 years ago

    My opinion on this question can be best seen in an interesting quote that I read the other day. "The best teachers show you where to look, not what to see." Good parents teach their children "how to fish" through example and confirmation. They also lead from the front, not the back. There are a lot of ideas that define a good parent, but I'll sum it up like this. If you want well adjusted children then listen to them, act when they need you, and lead them in the direction that you want them to go. This is a solid basis for a building a strong relationship that will help them excel for a lifetime.

  4. mackyi profile image65
    mackyiposted 5 years ago

    A good parent is one that do not choose the "neglecting-rejecting"  parenting style to raise children.  A good parent is more authoritative in nature when it comes to raising a child. In other words, the children are loved and cared for; they are not dictated to in every step of the way, rather they are given freedom of choices but know the limits and consequences of going beyond those limits. Communication with children is usually opened.

  5. TripleAMom profile image86
    TripleAMomposted 5 years ago

    Anyone can be a parent, I see this all too much in my line of work, but being a "good parent"  requires a lot of hard work and dedication to your children.  Being a good parents is providing for the needs of your children without overindulging, teaching life skills, not being afraid to correct, and being consistent.  Being a good parent is providing consistent rules and expecting children to abide by the rules, but helping children to understand the reasons behind the rules.  Saying "yes" as much as possible so that when you must say "no" it's not a random, knee jerk reaction.  Most importantly, being a good parent is responding to your children, whether in good times or bad, out of love, showing your children that they matter and are not just an after thought in your life.

  6. adjkp25 profile image92
    adjkp25posted 5 years ago

    If you are a parent you are probably striving to be the best parent that you can be which raises the question, what makes a good parent anyway? read more