Hi! Need tips 2 get a guy & or specific kind of foreign guy!

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    van_jaymeeposted 10 years ago

    yikes  Hi there everyone! Its my 1st time posting smile hehe.
    Well, okay, I need > Tips to get a guy , specifically if possible a Japanese guy.

    I am young, 23,asian female, living in the capital, working. not very active in other hobby and sports activity. rather homey.
    You, see, if you hang out at places of higher class, you get to see more ppl of such there. for instance, i get some reply from Japs by posting in a japonline site, and became online penpals.

    My problem is that i want to get to know real live Japanese guys (not some online nonexistant fella) as a potential boyfriend, not penpals, and would like to know where to get see them, where they normally will be, and possibly where they gather in my country.

    [u]Would you have tips and little tricks to get guys as such? [/u]

    I think i have a strong preferance for jap guys and would like to "try" knowing them, and check them out with a little effort put in instead of "let it happen naturally" "yeah, till you bump into Jap guy,single,compatible,loves you one fine day".

    Would like to generate more chances of meeting Jap guys, so any tips, opinions?

    oh yea, my little plan is as follows , tell me what you think?
    1) pick up say,ballroom dancing etc, cooking, yoga (new interests)
       2) and learn at studio/college located at places more popular with   foreigners.
    3) hang out and enjoy jap movies, arts at the Jap center where they held from time to time.
    4) be more pleasant and more confident
    5) (i buy jap magazines too) make more trips to Japanese bookstore to get my magazines.
    6) (i like arts) attend performances ,plays,
    7)  attend art gallery
    8) find more new activities from friends and media and have fun at the same time making new buddies.

    and lastly i dont want to be desperate but natural with some effort placed in!
    Many many thanks for reading and helping!