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illness in the family

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    chrissy86posted 9 years ago

    family has always been my top priority . every member is a best friend.  But 2 yrs ago my mom had surgery to repair arteries to her heart which they ended up couldnt do but then on the table had a stroke. I find it hard to deal with but try to spend time with here as much as possible  . they said she will not get better. i will write more later and maybe hearing from some of you can cheer me up or show me how to deal with this better

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      dinamarsposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Chrissy I've just made a question on the same topic here but then I read your posting and I feel like I have the same problem like you too.

      yes you're right it's hard to deal with a family member who got stroke... my mum has it because of high blood pressure attack she got two years ago. and now i'm the only girl in the family, my sister lives outside the town and seems can't get away from her spoiled husband, hehe.

      so yeah, i don't know but i'm just trying my best till this time, be at her side always and do my jobs at home. sometimes she asks why i don't work outside but i think if do it i'll hardly pay attention to her, while i see her sometimes feels lonely 'coz her grandchildren also lives faraway with my brother (i got one sister and one brother who's already got married but they both live far from our hometown). i think what she needs is the joy and laugh of little children at home as it used to be, but now they've all gone. we visit them sometimes but it's a tiring journey for my mum, i wonder why don't they do it in return, but well...

      what about you, Chrissy? tell me your story.


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    mohinishposted 9 years ago

    my sympathies with you, i know it can be hard to deal with such sitiuation. But you need to understand that there are other family members who equally love you, & want you. And certainly they too need reaffirmation. You have to be strong, so that you can give peace & strength not just to your mother but also to other family members.

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    chrissy86posted 9 years ago

    thank-you and i know you are right i'm the only girl in the family and its always been us women who took care of the others and made sure everyone is taken care of.bless you and thanks again       chrissy