How should a toddler be answered about queries related to death?

  1. shivanishini profile image59
    shivanishiniposted 3 years ago

    How should a toddler be answered about queries related to death?

    Death remains mystery for all of us and kids if told about the ultimate truth of life i.e. death can left with a sense of insecurity of losing their loved ones especially their  parents but still the inquisitive ones wont leave the mystery unfolded and keep on asking where their grandparents went or where did the dog from the neighborhood suddenly disappear leaving behind an astonished parent looking for and answer. how to answer so that the kid knows the reality but still finds positivism in life and feel secure about his loved ones.

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    peeplesposted 3 years ago

    I tell my toddler the truth. In July of 2013 my dog of 13 years had to be put to sleep. My daughter was 2 at the time and we told her the truth about it and invited her to be there when we buried our dog. She understands now, at close to 4, that when something dies it is gone permanently. Teaching her the truth helps her better understand things, like why she should listen to mommy and not run towards the road, jump off our (high up) porch, or squeeze the lady bug she picks up too hard. Everything that lives will die. With the right parenting a child doesn't need to feel insecure because they know that we will all do whatever we can to protect each other.