Adopt Danish Sex Education Model for 4-5 year olds?

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    threekeysposted 21 months ago

    Adopt Danish Sex Education Model for 4-5 year olds?

    Porn does not equal relationships. Porn is where most of us get introduced to what supposed relationships and intimacy are about. Most parents still feel awkward discussing these areas with their children. Maybe we all need to join the Naturalist Clubs so that being naked  and seeing our erogenous zones in all its shapes and forms takes the implied eroticism out of it. What do you think? Do you think its healthy for our little ones to be involved in the Danish School Module for Sex and Relationships? I believe there are some schools in the UK that have adopted it.

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    Aime Fposted 21 months ago

    From what I've heard, the "sex talks" aren't really explicit at that age but a bit more vague and geared towards love and relationships, which I think is a great idea.

    I don't know if I'd necessarily want to get into the nitty gritty with her at this stage but she knows the appropriate terms for male and female genitalia, and she knows that sex is something that adults do when they love each other (after picking up a surprising amount of information from an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond on in the background and me needing to explain it further!).

    She's also asked me some seemingly random questions about who can marry each other (she likes to pretend to marry me) and if girls can marry girls, etc.  So I do think they have a natural curiousity for these types of things at a young age and I think it's smart to explain them as openly and honestly as possible instead of pushing it aside.

    I will always want my daughter to be able to come to me about everything and anything, and I think opening the lines of communication about trickier subjects from early on lets her know that it's okay to bring things up with me in the future.  And especially when it comes to sex and relationships, I never want there to be an element of shame or fear attached to it.

    All of that said, I think the way parents would want the subject approached at such a young age would vary quite a lot and I'm not sure it should be mandatory before a certain age.  I definitely think older kids (nearing puberty) need sex education and it should be required whether the parents like it or not - but for really small kids I'm not sure it's something that needs to be a universal approach.  I'm happy to deal with the subject on my own at this stage.

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      threekeysposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I am all for our little ones and tweens to have open discussions with the emphasis on intimacy and building relationships. Then go from there. But poor schools! Those teachers become your child's second parent. Its a lot to take on.