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Can dss remove a new baby?

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    Trudyrudyposted 20 months ago

    Can dss remove a new baby?

    My boyfriend had his infant daughter removed by nc dss and we are planning to have a child of our own.  But we're both worried dss could try and take ours.  Background: my boyfriend has a felony child abuse charge against him.  He served 12 years for it.  Any information will help us.

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    Johnny James Aposted 20 months ago

    Can DSS remove a child right after birth?  Absolutely, if there are legitimate concerns for the safety and welfare of the child. Will they?  It depends again on "if" they think there is a concern and "whether" they can convince a court of the danger. You may also want to consider, if you bf is on probation/parole, if being around children may violate that. Usually, conditions of being around children apply to other people's children, however, it can apply to one's children as well. Best thing you can do is seek out professional advice for your home state.  Many times there are free legal clinics which can help.

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    ptosisposted 20 months ago

    Your BF would know, and if he says he doesn't know then he is lying to you.  Should think twice before having any children with a guy who won't be honest with you and probably  registered for life. Do a background check on him to see what else he ain't telling you.

    http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-ch … ncing.html

    Other possible penalties and/or consequences may include:

        Lifetime requirement to register as a child sexual offender
        Termination of parental rights
        Ruined reputation
        Criminal record
        Supervised access to the child
        Physical or actual loss and enjoyment of a child
        Continual involvement with a child protective services agency

    You can start looking for his name here: http://registryclassaction.com/

    "New York, similarly to virtually every State in the union, maintains a Registry that lists the names of people who have supposedly abused or maltreated a child. Inclusion on the Registry is virtually automatic requiring only that the allegations satisfy a minimal “any credible evidence” standard. Although adding a name to the Registry is easily done the consequence of such inclusion can be economically devastating."

    Serving 12 years?  Must have been a heinous crime. My advice is to run not walk away from him

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    tamarawilhiteposted 20 months ago

    You need to talk to a lawyer familiar with child protective services law in your state. The daughter  have been taken due to his actions that hurt her - which means your children would be taken or at a minimum heavily supervised.
    If the child was taken due to misbehavior by both of her parents, then you will still get social workers visiting but may or may not have tight supervision.
    Get legal advice from someone familiar with your state's laws AND can look up his case. Because if his time in jail was related to any sexual abuse, you are almost guaranteed to lose any children at birth.