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How does makeup affect us young girls?

  1. Sharon Uche profile image45
    Sharon Ucheposted 12 months ago

    How does makeup affect us young girls?

    In this day and age, there really isn't anyone that can tell you what to do or dictate what you've already set your mind on. I think makeup has a very positive affect on some people including me, it's not that I feel insecure it's what I love to do and I feel people misunderstand this hobby as not being confident with your yourself and just wanting to grow up to quickly but I think people need to understand it's a way of creativity not a way of hiding

  2. Omar Eldamsheety profile image67
    Omar Eldamsheetyposted 12 months ago

    if you use it in a good way " a way of creativity " then it will be nice otherwise you will be misunderstood.

  3. profile image57
    Valerie Leeposted 12 months ago

    I agree with you, makeup is a way of showing who we are

  4. RTalloni profile image88
    RTalloniposted 12 months ago

    It might be a good thing to consider what your hobby does to others, especially men.  You haven't provided enough information for us to be sure about your situation, but young girls generally look far better without makeup which is designed to either make people look younger, or make them alluring. Being alluring is something girls want to protect themselves from (in spite of what popular culture tells them) and younger is something they don't need to seek.  If you are being misunderstood you may want to get help from an adult to understand what you are doing.

  5. Fellow Mumbaite profile image75
    Fellow Mumbaiteposted 12 months ago

    It's all about how you wear it and carry it out .If it has a positive effect on you then do carry on!! As long as you are comfortable with it and people around you are comfortable with it.

    But at the same time I agree with RTalloni... as you haven't specified anything much about you. Its difficult to comment. Like what kind of makeup you use. Its always helpful to get an advise from your parents about the quality as well as its impact on you and others around you. Wishing you good luck!