Child Protective Services

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    Andrea Vaughnposted 13 months ago

    Child Protective Services

    My out-of-control teen daughter, using pot, lying & running away, made false allegations to CPS & Law Enforcement.  I am a very protective parent, no running around "town," we're rural and have had 3 sexual predators in 3 years, that were made public.  She wants FREEDOM.  She figured she'd have better odds in Foster Care, so, that's where she is.  Now Instagraming herself "twerking" on top of tables on all fours.  Staying at friend's house, I do not know them/parents.  BFF is teen mom.  I was found GUILTY of Abuse in court.  How do I rectify this?  I was not able to tell me side - only answer.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    You need an attorney who specializes in challenging CPS.