Need Suggestion

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    Reshma555posted 6 months ago

    Need Suggestion

    Hi all! We found out about 6 months ago after many procedures that my hubby has no sperm. After much grieving and are now on the topic of donor sperm. We have even applied at a sperm bank and have been searching donors. Some days I am sooo excited to do this and begin our family, but others days scared that we're just being selfish by doing this. I worry that when our child finds out (we most definitely plan to tell him/her) they will be so upset with us and we won't be able to explain why we chose this path for our family. I also fear HOW we will tell our child. I am just so confused. My husb

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    RTalloniposted 6 months ago

    Grief at such news is difficult to suffer through and I'm sorry that you've had to face it.  The whole of your comments was cut off so you may want to add more info in responses here, but if your husband has doubts it would be most wise to listen to him no matter how excited you are at the moment. Talking to families who have adopted children could be the beginning of an exciting path filled with rich blessings for your and your husband. The issues/concerns related to the route you are considering could be far more painful than expected. Since you mention none of them here so one has to wonder if you know of them or are taking them seriously.