10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Locally

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    Eye rock 4everposted 7 years ago

    Top 10 Reasons to Shop At Local Stores

    Shopping our local vendors is always a good thing for the local economy. Here are 10 reasons why you shop locally.

    1. Our business owners count on your patronage to support their business. After all, they are your neighbors. You shop with them, share other shopping experiences with them as well as the doctors, dentists, Library, and even the Post Office.

    2.By doing business with the local business owner, you generate taxes for your own city, county, and state government. When you shop corporate chain stores, you help the state, or country, the corporate offices are in.

    3, Purchasing from your local stores shows pride in your city. Knowing the corporate stores have higher prices to cover the payroll, your independent business owner has less over head, meaning lower pricing for the same exact product will more than likely apply.

    4. Personal service is never questioned. Do the corporate store register clerks and sales help welcome you to the store by name? Of course not! They might recognize you occasionally, but not for the most part. An independent store owner makes it a habit to stay informed and in tune with his patrons. He truly appreciates their business.

    5.Using independent neighborhood stores also allow for local products to be bought and sold. A large chain doesn't care where the items they are selling come from, or even if they are needed. General consensus, and advertising dictates products sold. They bought it because it was cheaper than purchasing local, and it is probably massed produced, usually in another country with a cheaper price.

    6.Length of shopping experienced shortened by shopping local. Big corporate stores may take a while to shop in, due to more product in one place, and sales assistance is almost non existent. When was the last time you walked into a large corporate store, and someone said, "Hi, thanks for coming in! Can I help you"?

    7.Parking is a plus with independent shops. No need to remember your parking lot code like at Disney World or Universal Studios. Most often the parking lot is only a few yards from the front, or back door. Less chance for an accident in the parking lot, or needing to worry if the parking lot security at the corporate stores are really doing their job.

    8.Special order issues are easier. Calling on an independent to speak of his wares, would be a lot more efficient and a more enjoyable call, due to the person on the other end of the phone would answer as soon as possible. Your local business owner sincerely handles product requests. And if he doesn't offer it, because he wants you to come back to that store to purchase it, he will try very hard to stock it. Ever called to check on a product at a corporate store? Good luck getting someone to answer the phone, or even knowing about the product you are inquiring about. And if they don't have it? Think if you ask the Manager of the corporate store, he will have it on the shelves the next time you come in?

    9. Better quality shopping experience. By shopping at your local shops, less chance of accidents. Floor space utilized better, and product turnover more detailed. At corporate, so many employees stock the shelves regularly, that date rotation is jeopardized, resulting in poor quality of product, or even spoilage.

    10. Product rotation, and quality assurance. At the independent shop, local product, and stocking area, means more detail to date, presentation, organization, and rotation of products. Corporate quality assurance is almost a fossil. Taking pride in our work these days is almost obsolete. The corporate employee doesn't care if your family gets the best product it can offer. Corporate concerns are keeping payroll down, so training suffers. Also, by trying to keep product purchase down, he buys what the weekly market pricing depicts. Keeping shrink down, meaning proper product handling without product loss, due to theft, or product abuse, is also big concern. And trying to keep utility usage down, which in turn, makes for a real tired, uninformed, don't care about the job or you, employee! His concern is how much is his commission for his good work!

    So give the LOCAL business man the business! You might even get a free calendar!

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    This should be a Hub rather than a forum post?

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    I see you made this a hub... but you didn't include a comment box. Do you want people to comment? I think you made good points.