What's up with FUNDAY!!!!

  1. jessebrown84 profile image58
    jessebrown84posted 7 years ago

    How many times can I hear---"Uncle Jesse would you like to buy some candy from me so I can go to FUNDAY at school?"?  When I ask them,"Why do you have to sell stuff just to go to FUNDAY?"  They never know, they always say that is just what they have to do.  Then when you are thinking twice about buying it, they give you that sad look that screams, I am the only one that is not going to have fun.  You know the look,  the one that looks like a pup that has been beat with a newspaper. So you buy some and then you have to make the other nieces and nephews happy because they say, "but you bought Christian's candy."  By the time that fiasco is over I've spent $200.00 on candy, $400.00 at the dentist for 3 cavaties.  All for FUNDAY.  Then when you finally get over all that, now they are selling fruit.

               What happened to the way it used to be when all you had to do was get good grades, don't fight, and stay out of trouble, and then FUNDAY was yours.  It's not that way anymore.  You have to sell 1500 candy bars, 25 bushels of corn, and 1 black market kidney just to have a couple of hours on the yard.

               School is hard enough.  Kids do not need the extra pressure of missing out on a FUNDAY because they were not the smooth talker and couldn't sell enough.  Or the pressure of an over bearing parent wanting to sell the most so they can brag on their child.  Brag on your child because they ARE your child and they try their hardest. 

         Does anyone really know why they have to sell all that stuff, just to have FUNDAY?

  2. paradigmsearch profile image91
    paradigmsearchposted 7 years ago

    Maybe the school is trying to teach entrepreneurism?

    Or the concept of capitalism?

    I’m just guessing here. smile

    Maybe there are some education professionals around here…