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    My Mother
    Today I left my mom at the PBI airport to the care of my daughter and cousin. They are to make sure that she gets home safe. I have to admit that the past 9 weeks have been quite difficult, exhausting but cherishable as well. At 89 she has always been the backbone to her daughters, grandchildren and friends. My mom is a tough cookie and though she has her moments of stubborness in the end she listens to reason. I have found myself treating her as the child and explaining to her why she must raise her legs when sitting or why she needs to eat not for fun or because it taste good but because she needs to nourish and become strong. It is so true that as we get older, we tend to regress to childlike behaviour. We both had high expectations of what her vacation here would be like because the last vacation was such a success and we were both looking forward to this time together in my new home. I left her in the airport with a heavy heart and gave her a quick kiss, hug and instructions on how to stay strong. I needed to get out of there because it broke my heart to see her trying to be strong but a wreck inside. While she was here I saw her at her weakest and witness her strength on getting better. My mom told me that the last time she went to the hospital she really thought she wasn't going to make it. I didn't tell her that the ride to the hospital were the longest twenty minutes in my life and that I also had the fear of losing her. All I wish for your the readers of this hub is to take care of your Moms. I hope you all have yours as long and even longer than my moms age. I know that I will see her again and I told her that the next time she comes down, she will be healthier and to come down in the winter. My mom ask "when is it winter here in florida"? There's that child again, I said Mom winter here is at the same time as winter in New York, except that it is not as cold and you won't need to bundle up. My mom said January, February, and March? "They are the coldest months". I hope to see her before those months mentioned and I hope that she will find it in her to feel confident enough to travel again. My mom is a strong and independant woman who at times felt like she was a burden. To this I responded, Mom you are never a burden and amidst the scary times during your illness we had some good laughs. Yes there were times that I just wanted to cry because I didn't see her getting well, but now I want to cry  because now that she is better and  she needed to go home. Please take care of your moms. Love them and cherish all your times with them because there will be a time when...

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      Here is a hug for you...I understand feel you feel.