Baby Boomers Taking Care of Elderly Parents

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    john000posted 6 years ago

    I put this here instead of writing a hub because I really wanted to know if there were folks out there experiencing what I have experienced.
    My father-in-law (and my deceased father) are both of the Greatest Generation. They survived the Great Depression and endured WWII. They sacrificed as much as any generation. They made it their goal to provide their family with what they didn't have. They wanted to make sure that their progeny didn't have to go to war. Unfortunately, wars turn up. But they gave it their best believing that certainly WWII would be the last conflict, or conflict of that size. To that extent they succeeded despite conflicts from 1945 on that we all know about.
    These people were hardened by history and viewed the world as a place that their families should be protected from. Can you blame them? How were they to know anything else?
    So what is the message of this posting? My father-in-law must spend time in hospital now due to chronic illness due to age. We must take care of his affairs and watch as he slowly slips from what we knew to what he is now. But other people do not know what we know. They don't know how determined and confident they were about how things should be. What they experienced, what my father experienced, shaped them for the rest of their life.
    When they are institutionalized either at hospital, nursing home, or whatever, professionals who are the sons and daughters of baby boomers just don't get it!
    Our parents, even though just hanging on, are viewed as corpses already. It hurts to watch as health professionals discuss problems so objectively. We feel like saying, "Hey, this is my parent, and he has seen things you would only encounter in your worst dreams, be careful with your language around him/her."

    But as I have said before, these folks just don't know how this generation operated. So how are they to understand? They can't.

    Stay strong in the knowledge that you understand. God Bless All.