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    honeydaoudiposted 5 years ago

    Child please don't weep
    If you was mine I would rock you to sleep
    Your miles away in a land of war ... Too young to even speak

    News flash on the tv screen but they only talk of a few
    Truth is my dear child the last thing on the governments mind is a eastern orphan with no family nor food
    Your held in our prayers ... And thought of in few humble minds
    The chances of you eating tonight, are rear in this world that has gone blind

    Your tears my angel will make a ocean that heaven will soon wipe out
    It's funny that in the western world for GAY rights they scream and shout
    yet bile and blood is all that can come out of a taken over countries child's mouth

    Iraq phalastine Afghanistan ... Suffer in silence
    They don't ask for happiness nor kindness
    Just for there free lives with no chains , disease or Americas hunger games ...
    To fall asleep as a family not shaking to Warcraft planes

    This is why I don't understand how anyone can be rich
    When our brothers and sisters are lying in a ditch
    I wish that I could hold there hand and say everything will be ok ... Inshallah inshallah ... 1 blessed day