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Achieve your goals

Updated on December 26, 2016

  • What do you want to achieve in your life regarding health, job, money, spouse, children, sex, hobbies, friends, social circle etc. - in one year? In five years?
  • There is a thermometer to measure temperature. Is there any meter to measure your goals?
  • How to know whether you have achieved your goals?
  • Therefore, list your major goals or sub-goals in :

5 years :

1 year :

1 month:

  • Now, label your major life goals as :

"A" grade : "Must do " goals.

" B" grade : "Desirable" goals.

" C "grade : "Can wait" goals.

  • Bring together all "A" grade goals on one page and forget the rest right now.

Formula To Achieve Your "A" Grade Goals :-

P.P.F gives S.M.A.R.T. Benefits


E.g.. Improving your whole family's life is not a personal goal.

Think what you can do to improve your own personal life to contribute to your family's over-all life

style.This is a personal goal.


E.g.. "I'll bring Mr. Smith down so that I can appear brighter than him" - is a negative goal.

" Let Smith do what he thinks right. I am going to improve my performance to outshine him. "This is

positive goal.


E.g.. "I wanted to earn $ 5000 in one month. However, due to sudden slump in the market, I could earn only

$ 4000. I'll be flexible enough to accept that temporarily". This is flexible goal.


E.g.. "I want to improve myself." This is a non - specific goal.

"I want to improve my confidence in public speaking." This is a specific goal.


This is one of the most important criteria while formulating a goal. Can I measure my goal?

E.g.. "Being a better father" cannot be measured. But "I used to spend hardly any time with my children.

Now I shall spend minimum 30 minutes daily with them" - is a measurable goal.


E.g.. "I can have 20% improvement in my income in a month. However, I want to have 200% improvement in

a month." Is it an achievable goal? It's better to have many small achievements rather than chase few

big achievements.


E.g.. "I can become the prime Minister of Australia in twenty years. However, am I being realistic enough to

judge myself if I want to become Australia's Prime Minister in two years?"

Review your progress periodically.


This is the second most important criteria to judge the soundness of a goal.

E.g.. "I wish to go on a vacation to Florida" is a measurable goal.

But when? In one month? Or in ten years? Therefore, putting a definite date limit on the achievement of

a goal is a must to achieve that goal.


For the benefit of achieving your goal. You will have to pay a cost. Always. For nothing comes free in life. Ever. Calculate the cost to be paid as, immediate term, short term, medium term and long term.

The cost will be in terms of your health,family life, liesure time, religious and moral values, sexual life, tensions, job, money and status.

Determine whether you are really prepared to pay that cost. Once you are ready, then take the final decision and go ahead to fulfill your goals.


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