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8 Parenting Tips for Your Child's Personality Development

Updated on April 26, 2014

Raising Your Children to be Strong Inviduals Can Be a Tough Task!

If you are a parent, then rest assured you need to keep some things in mind if you want to bring your child up in the proper way. Parenting is not easy! I know many parents out there who look like a zombie by the end of the day managing their children. Yes, parenting can be tough -- but is well worth it by the end of the day if you have well-behaved children with strong character traits.

This article brings you top 8 parenting tips that will help you to further develop your child's personality. Additionally, some lighthearted parenting pictures are given for you to enjoy!

Parenting Tip #1 - You Need to Put Parenting the Topmost Priority!

If you are a really busy individual then taking out time for your child can be a daunting task. But it is absolutely necessary that you find some time to develop your child's personality during the early years. This initial stage is very important and the way you behave with your child will more or less impact his/her behavior. Even if you lead a very busy schedule, make sure you devote some time for your kid and talk to him/her about all the things he/she ought to know about. Tell your child what is wrong and right and how to differentiate between them. By giving them time, you are making them feel protected and wanted and they will be able to value emotions in a better manner.

Parenting Tip #2 - Review Your Parenting Skills

Now and then it is important that you review your own parenting. How well are you performing? Are your kids afraid to talk to you about anything and everything? If yes, then maybe it is time to rethink your approach towards them. Do your kids treat you with little or no respect at all? In such a case too you need to rethink your parenting techniques. Parenting can be a complex task -- there is something or the other to always take care of. By paying attention to these minute details, you are not only helping your child develop his/her personality but you are helping yourself too!

Parenting Tip #3 - Be a Good Example to Your Child!

Children in their early years like to mimic the elderly people. They spent much of their time observing what their parents are up to. It is then left to you whether to set a good example for your child or not. If you spend hours and hours fighting with your better half in front of your children, believe it or not -- this is setting a very bad impression about you and your partner in the eyes of your child.

Parenting Tip #4 - Pay Attention to What Your Child is Absorbing!

Children tend to hear a lot of moral and immoral things to various media like television, radio and Internet. This is the age of cyber bullies and there are various cases out there reporting how it has affected young children. Due to this very reason it is absolutely essential that you pay close attention to what your child is doing.

Parenting Tip #5 - Explain to Your Children About What's Right and Wrong

If you turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to whatever your kids are saying and doing, then chances are that you will be left behind with badly behaved youngsters. Always communicate with your children about what is right and wrong and help them out in differentiating between the two.  

Parenting Tip #6 - Punish with a Loving Heart!

Punishment has got a bad reputation nowadays. If you think that spanking or hitting a child is the best way to discipline your kid -- then you can't be more wrong! If your kid has done something naughty, then look him/her right in the eye and talk to them in a stern manner. Inform them that the next time you catch them doing any such thing, out goes that favorite toy!  

Parenting Tip #7 - Listen to Your Child!

One of the most special things you can give anyone including a child is your undivided attention! Listen to them when they are trying to tell you something. It is easy to get tuned out when you start talking, but it is equally important to listen to what your kids have to say too!

Parenting Tip #8 - Help Your Child Out with School

School would be perhaps the first place where your child will face major disappointments or victories. It is upto us to be there to encourage them in all their activities. The course of your child's activities are defined by what they do at school. You -- as a parent -- should be there to see them through this remarkable stage of ups and downs.  


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 6 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This is an excellent hub about parenting. Sadly, too many parents are not suitable to be parents. Parenting is a coaching experience, not an exercise in power play and upmanship which so many parents practice today.