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Not So Lazy Days: With Daddy in charge, Clue is the game

Updated on August 15, 2011

This week, my husband is off from work and is in charge of the activities. Here's his account of today's adventure:

Is it fitting I play Lisa in The Simpson's Clue board game?
Is it fitting I play Lisa in The Simpson's Clue board game? | Source

Sports & Games

The image is unforgettable for any fan of the wacky 1980s movie “Clue.”

Tim Curry ran around trying to explain how everything was done as Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and their ilk were following him scurrilously in a vain attempt to understand.

That’s how Samantha plays Clue, the board game.

We have about four versions of the game, and this time, it was “The Simpsons” version.

Whatever version you play, it’s a thinking game, and that makes it good for the kids to play, even if they’re just learning.

The little one isn’t ready to reason through all the whodunits yet, so he just moved his character around the board after rolling the dice. He then made some sort of notes on his pad and we moved on.

The oldest is starting to understand, but his strategy is still one of random shots in the dark. The only problem is, he does not know what to do with the information gathered from those random attempts yet.

As for me, I also play my fair share of hunches, but really I just wait around for Samantha to win.

As she uses her color-coded graphs and her inch-thick, opaque yearbook cover to protect her precious secrets, we all wait for the other shoe to drop and for her to find the answer.

She did not disappoint once again, but the kids had fun even though they lost. Me, I’d rather win.

About the Not So Lazy Days series

I've challenged myself to find a new activity to do five days a week every week of the kids' summer vacation. Activities will fall under one of three categories: Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games or Field Trips. Follow me on Twitter @readallaboutsam for immediate updates on posts!


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    • Samantha Sinclair profile image

      Samantha Sinclair 6 years ago from North Carolina


    • KelsOideally profile image

      KelsOideally 6 years ago from Evansville, Indiana

      I really appreciate your attempts at keeping your children busy during their vacation! Even though it is summer, they still need their minds sparked! Bravo parents. :)

      P.S. You have also inspired me to purchase Clue!