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Great Ideas For Mothers Day

Updated on January 14, 2015
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Christine, a wife, mother and homemaker for over 30 years, has an NVQ3 in Childcare & Education & loves cooking, music, health & nutrition.


A Rainbow Lesson Plan Using The Color Yellow

Using color is a great way to inspire creativity in children, whether in a group together or just with your own at home.

When thinking about Mothers Day, yellow speaks so much of the many things that could describe mothers: It is vibrant and energetic. It evokes feelings of happiness, joy and humour and of warmth and cheerfulness. In any case, this would be the things we would wish for our mothers. At springtime there is so much yellow color around us that it isn't too difficult to find ways and resources to send these messages through creativity and with love.

When planning a session with children or a surprise for a mother on Mother's Day, decorate the room beforehand with lots of yellow color, using flowers, material, lighting or anything that will bring warmth and cheerfulness to set the mood in the room. This color attracts attention easily as well, so when you have created something, you can be assured that it will be readily noticed by the happy recipient.

Introducing The Color Yellow - In our free lesson plan

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

Talk about what this color means, why you like it, what it reminds you of and how this could relate to ideas for mothers.


A Yellow Flowers Team Game

A selection of yellow flowers
Can be pics or real flowers
Plus name labels
What are all these pretty yellow flowers? The first team to place the correct name labels with the pictures wins.

Ideas For Mothers Storytime

Yellow Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly

Read this story to inspire children in the following activity.

Children learn in this charmingly illustrated story that they can make a difference by making selfless decisions. In the unselfish act of releasing the butterfly, the two children come to understand that their true wish is one of love.


These yellow butterfly wings make a great prop for your story. The children can have great fun in becoming the butterfly in the story.

Make A Yellow Butterfly

Thank You For Mothers!

Draw a large butterfly on plain paper. Color it yellow, cut it out and get each child to write on it with contrasting black crayon or pen what they like about their mothers. These attributes could be said as a prayer of thanks to God for our mothers. They could further decorate their butterflies by adding sequines, crepe paper and more colour to be really beautiful, like their mothers! You can either make one large picture together to hang on the wall afterwards, or each child makes their own to take home with them. If large enough, you could even add straps so that they can attach them to their backs. They might need reinforcing a little to ensure they are strong enough.

A Picture Of Beauty

Everything in this world is beautiful in it's own way! Draw a picture of your mother, making her as beautiful as you can, using lots of colour.

Yellow Flowers For Mother

Extra Ideas For Mothers

If you used real flowers for the team game, divide them amongst the children as gifts for their mothers. If pictures were used, they could be stuck onto the front of folded plain card and a message written inside as Mothers Day cards.

Other ideas (more details see below):

  • Host a dinner party for your mother
  • Have a cosy tea party and make some Delicious English Scones with English Tea
  • Bake her some Delicious Orange And Cinnamon Shortbread with the kids
  • Embark on A Fitness Programme together with a home DVD
  • Host a Jamie At Home Party and invite her and her friends
  • Give her the gift of music and have a session together of Learning To Play Drums with a home DVD
  • Learn a song on the guitar and serenade her on the day!
  • Host a coffee morning to raise money for her favourite charity and invite all her friends and neighbours.

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