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Best Movement Sensor Baby Monitor

Updated on April 15, 2014

The best movement sensor baby monitor reviews

There are different types of movement sensor baby monitor, listed below.

Some monitors have a sensor pad normally placed under baby's mattress which sets of an alarm if you're baby stops breathing.

You can also get movement sensors which you attach to a baby's diaper and will alert you if there's no movement. These don't require a sensor mat.

There are monitors which just monitor movement which are often cheaper and those that monitor movement and sound.Movement sensor monitors are fantastic for newborns and young babies, when they are still at risk from SIDS. As your baby gets older and starts to roll over and move around more, some monitors allow the sensor to be turned off and it can become just a normal sound alarm so you no longer have to worry about false alarms.Whichever type of movement sensor baby monitor you choose it gives parents extra peace of mind. They are also particularly good for parents of premature babies and those who are particularly nervous or worried about SIDS. They are also good for first time parents.A movement sensor baby monitor can be life saving as you can know in seconds if you're baby stopped breathing.Perhaps the downside of this type of monitor is that occasionally there can be false alarms. Therefore when shopping for the best movement sensor baby monitor read the reviews to make sure that there aren't too many false alarms. This article gives links to lots of reviews on Amazon.Read on for options and features of the best movement sensor baby monitors currently available in 2014.

Considerations When Choosing a Movement Sensor Monitor

Where will you use the monitor? - Some movement sensor monitors with sensor mats only work under crib mattresses and not under the matresses of pack n plays or travel cots. If you want to use it in both, it may be worth considering a sensor montior that attaches to the baby's diaper.

Portability - All types of baby movement sensor monitors are portable. However, the ones which attach to a baby's diaper tend to be more easy to take between different settings as you don't have to move around a parent unit. These are great to send to daycare, to friend's house and on trips / vacations.

Do you want a sound monitor as well as a movment monitor?- Some movement sensor monitors have sound as well to give extra peace of mind. This is obviously a huge plus as you will want to know if your baby is crying or not but some people purchase these separately.

Extra features - Some of the monitors come with extra features such as additional parent units, nightlights and thermometers which can be useful.

Snuza Hero Monitor

This is an example of a monitor which attaches to a baby's diaper.

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor, White - Movement Only Sensor Monitor

The Angelcare movement sensor monitor below is very competitive on price which is a huge plus.

Angelcare Movement Only Monitor, White
Angelcare Movement Only Monitor, White

The monitor will activate an alarm if no movement is felt within 20 seconds. You put the sensor pad under the crib mattress. The monitor is easy to move for travel if you need to as well.


Angelecare Movement and Sound Monitor

This monitor measures both sound and movement. For me, being able to hear my baby's sound was important as I could tell not just whether he was alive and breathing but that whether he was crying as well.

It also features a thermometer. I found this a useful feature on my baby monitor as you could instantly tell whether the room was hot or cold and whether my son needed extra blankets or less blankets.

Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White
Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor, Aqua/White

Similar to the movement monitor above but it monitors sound from your baby as well. It has a range of up to 820 feet and eight channels to minimize interferenceAgain, there is a sensor pad that goes under a matress. The monitor features a temperature display and sound and movement indicator lights


More Angelcare Baby Sound and Movement Monitors

Angelcare is one of the leading providers in movement sensor monitors and them make a wide range.

Below are 2 more from their range which may accommodate your needs.

The one on the left features two movement sensor mats and two parent units.

The unit on the right is a movement sensor monitor with sound and video too.

More Ideas of Monitors

As well as movement and sound monitor there are lots of other baby monitors you could consider.

Another type of baby monitor to give you peace of mind is a video monitor. Some of the video monitors now can also act as security devices for your home. This is because pictures can be transmitted from your baby monitor to your phone so you can see your baby wherever you are. This is good if you want to see your baby while at work for example.

Check out this article on the best baby video monitors for more information.

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