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Preschool Sickness: Treatment of Cold, Coughs, And Fever In Preschoolers

Updated on August 28, 2010
Preschool sickness treatment - cold coughs fever
Preschool sickness treatment - cold coughs fever

First year of school is a very crucial time for kids and parents. Though it is not possible to stop our kids from acquiring acute viral infections giving rise to cough, cold, and fever, having prior information and knowledge about these preschool sickness and treatment remedies help parents in dealing with them. For dealing with common cold, cough, and fever, doctors prescribe Keflor or Ceclor (Cefaclor) a second-generation antibiotic for treating infections. Sal-Mucolite (salbutamol) or Ambrolite syrup are prescribe for treating cough. Otrivin nasal drops are helpful in getting rid of nasal congestion. Crocin (paracetamol) helps in treating fever. It also works as an analgesic. Also, parents can try a home remedy for instant cold and cough relief known as besan ka seera, which I have mentioned in one of my previous hubs. This natural remedy for cold and flu can be tried in addition to allopathic medicines given by the pediatrician.

Constant monitoring of temperature in case of fever

Most viral infections are accompanied with fever, which comes and goes on a constant basis. Parents should monitor their kids for rise and drop in temperatures at regular intervals throughout the day and give fever medicines immediately if the temperature is above normal limits.

Constant monitoring of bedwetting in preschoolers

Bedwetting is a common problem at the time of preschool sickness, especially if there is a fever. Also, it can happen in kids who are potty trained. Extreme debilitating condition, tiredness, and weakened immune system caused by infections lead them to urinate in bed. If they remain wet in bed for a long time, then there are more chances to develop fever, so it becomes the responsibility of parents to constantly monitor their kids for bedwetting. Parents should not get panic due to bedwetting at time of illness, as this is a temporary phase because the child is ill. Once he will be well, everything will come back to normal.

Kids need our love more than medicines

Mind of kids is very sensitive. They need love and affection of parents more than medications. Most antibiotics and cough and cold syrups are very bitter to drink and kids vomit and cry a lot while they are given these medicines. At the time of giving medications to the kids, parents should be prepared with things like their kids favorite chocolates or candies to help them recover from the bitter taste of medicines. Giving them a sweet kiss on forehead and deep hug will help in calming their frustration with taking medicines and the overall illness. If they will forget about their illness, they will recover quickly. This behavior is not limited to kids but is a normal psychological behavior of human beings.

If your kid is not getting well within 5 to 6 days of treatment, you must visit the pediatrician again who will then change the treatment regimen and prescribe different medications for treating flu symptoms.


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    • profile image

      Ashley 6 years ago

      i have a 3 year old preschooler who just started school and got sick the first day omg.................

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks a lot pschic and equealla for your visit and comments.

    • equealla profile image

      equealla 7 years ago from Pretoria, South Africa

      I cannot agree more with children needing our love more than the medicine. I think even if we are grown adults this is still applicable.

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Soni, kids get so many things when they start school and I think it helps if parents dont panic, like you say. In fact, there is a good side to this, it builds up their constitution and immune system making them stronger.