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Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Child About the School

Updated on January 9, 2018

The day when your child starts attending school is one of the most memorable and significant days in your life. This means that your kid has grown up and you cannot control his/her actions and behavior the way you did that before. Correspondingly, it is not easy to trace the manner of your kid’s behavior and communication with teachers and other pupils at school. There are lots of issues associated with that, which may worry you in this respect.

Your Child and the School Problems: Ways to Find Them Out

“How was your school day?” No matter how often you ask this question, you are more likely to hear one and the same answer from your child every day. The answer is: “It was okay!”. However, this doesn’t mean anything at all and all of us understand that. Was your kid abused at school? Did your son or daughter manage to find common ground with other children and teachers? Do senior pupils rob your child regularly? Is he/she subjected to conflicts? These are the most common questions that worry each parent. Even if your child has good marks in the journal, this may not be the sign of the fact that your son or daughter feels comfortable and, what is even more important, safe, at school!

Psychologists all over the world encourage parents to observe their children’s behavior and mood when they come back home from school. This is needed to notice the first signs of problems and anxiety that may result in unpredictable and even tragic situations. The fact is, however, that some kids may successfully suppress their emotions when being at home, which is even more dangerous.

Top 25 Questions to Ask Your Child About the School

Is there any way out of this challenging situation? Specialists note that it is much better to ask indirect questions – those that won’t make your kid feel uncomfortable or angry. The list of the top 25 most popular and informative questions is offered below:

1. What was the most interesting thing that happened to you at school today?

2. What was the worst event you faced at school today?

3. Tell me the funniest thing you laughed at today?

4. Can you tell me about the best and the most comfortable place you have at school?

5. If you had a chance to choose the person to sit with at a desk, whom would you choose then and why? Is there any boy or girl you would not like to sit with? Why?

6. What was the strangest word you heard today at school?

7. Have you managed to help anyone today?

8. If we invited your teacher to visit us today, what would he/she tell us about you? What do you think?

9. Was there anyone who helped you solve any school task today?

10. Was there anything new you were lucky to find out at school today?

11. What moment made you feel the most excited and happy?

12. Did you feel bored or frustrated today?

13. If the aliens came to your class to take anyone of your classmates away, whom would you wish they could take?

14. Are there any things you would like to do less at school?

15. What do you do during the school intervals? Are there any children you play with during that time?

16. Suppose, you are given a unique chance to change places with any of your classmates. Whom would you choose and why?

17. Are there any things or facts you would like to learn more about at school?

18. What made you tired today most of all?

19. Are there any questions you would like to ask your teacher about?

20. Was there any even that made you angry today?

21. What will your schoolmates make during the upcoming weekend?

22. Who is the funniest pupil in your class? What does he/she do to be so funny?

23. Whom did you have dinner with? What were you talking about in the school canteen? What did you have for dinner?

24. Are there any pupils who should leave your class, in your opinion? Why?

25. If you could suddenly become a teacher, what would you do then?


When you look at the list of these questions for the first time, it seems that your child may feel like the person during questioning. Luckily, this is not so, because you are not obliged to seat your kid in front of you and ask him/her the whole list - from the beginning till the very end. That would seem more than ridiculous.

This list of questions was developed by psychologists to help parents find out more about their kids’ behavior, feelings and emotions during a school day. Try to find the best time to ask this or that question without any pressing or persistence. If there is something, your son or daughter doesn’t wish to tell you, wait for a while and then formulate the question in a different way. Keep in mind that these questions are not the instructions, but the recommendations that can help you understand your child and his/her potential school problems better.

What is your method to find out if your child has a school problem?

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    • Viki Pan profile imageAUTHOR

      Viki Pan 

      5 years ago

      Thank you, MsDora, for your interest

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      It is very important that parents and children talk about school. It seems that a lot of discussion can result from these questions. Thanks for doing the research.


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