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What to Do While Sick with Kids

Updated on July 8, 2013

Remember the Game Operation

This is a good game to keep around to bring out while your sick.  If you have older children.
This is a good game to keep around to bring out while your sick. If you have older children. | Source

Color with Crayons

Give your kids a coloring book and crayons.
Give your kids a coloring book and crayons. | Source

Play Doctor or Nurse

Let your child play doctor or nurse.  You can play sick and get the kids to wait on you.
Let your child play doctor or nurse. You can play sick and get the kids to wait on you. | Source


So your sick and have nobody to watch your kids. What to do? Whether you are a single parent or just don't have anyone available to watch the kids. You can make things easier on both you and your kids.

Cardboard Play House

Sick with Kids and No Help

Parenting When Sick

It is hard enough to be a parent when you feel good and healthy but it is extremely hard to deal with your children while you're sick.

Being sick is bad enough but having to take care and keep your kids entertained while sick is hard to do.

If you're reading this article now. You are probably sick and tired. I bet right now your child seems like they don't care that you're sick.

Maybe they don't understand that you're not feeling good and you're trying your best to get your child to understand that mommy/daddy don't feel good but they just seem like they don't understand.

Maybe your child is acting out more than usual. When you are sick or just not feeling good. Kids seem to seek revenge on you. They try to test your patients. Drive you crazy if you're not already!

Here are some suggestions to help you through the day or until you get help with your kids or get better.

The first thing you should do is keep yourself hydrated with juice, water or broth. If you feel feverish make a pot of broth. It will help you sweat out your cold and provide you with some nutrients. While hydrating your body.

Play doctor or nurse with your child. I know you're probably thinking what? I don't even feel like moving.

Playing doctor or nurse will benefit you and keep your children entertained for hours.

Providing they are old enough to go fetch stuff for you.

Your child can get a wash cloth and wet it then put it on your head. Check your heart beat. Take your pulse.

Get you a blanket. Turn the TV on. Get you something to drink or eat. Rub your back, feet and legs. You get the idea. If you have a bell. Use the bell if you need to keep an eye on your kids. This works if you want to know what they are doing without having to get up in check on them.

You can put in a movie you know your children would like.

If you have more than one kid. You can make a game of whoever pick-up the most stuff in the house will get a dollar or some other reward.

Dem the lights and watch cartoons. Suggest to the kids to build them a fort in the living room with sheets and blankets. While you're all snuggled up on the couch.

You can play the guess what's on my butt game. Tell your kid to get something out of their room and put it on your butt and you will try to guess what it is? You might not get much sleep with this idea but you will keep them busy and not screaming for attention.

You can either get your kids to make a tent in the living room or you can make a tent and let the kids pretend they are camping.

If you trust your child. Why not let them play games on the computer?

You can make some homemade play dough. It's fun for the kids and safe. Here is the recipe.

If you have small kids and they cannot go outside unattended and you're afraid they might sneak out of the house while you're sleeping. You can get their toys. Put them in your room along with a movie and some snacks.

Push your bed up against the door, So there is know way your child can unlock the door without your knowledge. Never ever assume your small child can't unlock the door even with the child safety locks.

Kid Picks Lock

Toddler Picks Locks

In the video it shows a 2 year old picking a lock to get into his sisters room. If a toddler or 2 year old can pick a lock.

Imagine what your toddler could do while your sick and a sleep. Never underestimate what your children can do.


Baby Center
Here is 40 other tips for making watching children while sick easier for both you and the kids.

Cardboard Coloring Play House

The coloring house is something you should get and keep hid for those sick days. The cardboard coloring play house will keep your kids busy for days if need be. It is made from very strong cardboard and its easily storable.

What Worked for You When You Were Sick

What did you do to keep your kids entertained while you were sick? Please share by leaving a comment!


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    • tamron profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Wow what a great story! The symptoms you are describing I had the day I brought my son from the hospital. Now that you mentioned it. I had a family daycare when it rained I had a plastic slide.

      The kids played on it for hours. Great idea for kids when you are sick!

    • Lisa HW profile image

      Lisa HW 

      6 years ago from Massachusetts

      When my two sons were eight and just-turned-three, I had one day of suddenly being truly violently ill - an apparent 24-hour bug, complete with dizziness and whatever else goes with it. All I could do was lay on the couch (between "trips"). We happened to have a brand new, plastic, slide that I hadn't put out in the yard. It was obviously not a full-sized slide, but it was bigger than a toddler slide. Anyway, I set it up in the living room by the couch. Both little boys were happy to have a slide in the living room, and the two of them, one after the other, kept climbing and sliding, climbing and sliding... It entertained them for long stretches of time; and as I laid there, foggy-headed and dizzy, I'll admit it was kind of like a high-speed, counting-sheep, kind of nightmare. Still, they were happy and entertained, and I could see what they were doing and where they were. So, living with that little extra "nightmare element" was well worth it. Honestly: up, then down, then up, then down, etc. etc. times two! It sure can be inconvenient and challenging when one is sick and has a child. When one is sick and has two children, all the more challenging. Needless to say, I recommend that anyone with kids light enough to use one buy a living-room-friendly, plastic, slide and save it for just such occasions as this.

      I don't know if others will see the humor in this that I've always seen, but as it was, I didn't have a 24-hour bug at all. I soon learned that I'd been sick because I was expecting my third child. :) :) :)


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