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New Easy to Use Cloth Diapers

Updated on November 28, 2016

Why Use Cloth Diapers?

Who knew that cloth diapers would make a comeback? Diapers change throughout the years. What are great disposable diapers for one child might not be the best brand by the time your next child comes along.

For my first baby, Huggies were the best brand. They came in pink and blue and were the most absorbent. They were so fun! By the time my second and third came along, the colors were gone and Pampers were the creme de la crop.

Today, it's cloth diapers making a comeback. They are just as absorbent and come in fun colors and designs. They are super soft on baby's skin!

Two babies means double diapers!
Two babies means double diapers! | Source

Two Babies!!

Many years after my first child was born, I was blessed with twins but not with better diapers. It turns out that diapers had taken a step backward and were no longer fun or absorbent. Even my old standby had changed their design and my two little tiny preemie babies' bums couldn't handle the new materials. I searched high and low and grabbed up any of the old design I could find. Those lasted for quite awhile but once they ran out, we struggled through many different brands and many harsh diaper rashes until I decided I needed to do something drastic - switch to cloth diapers. It was the only option that I had left.

Have You Ever Thought About Using Cloth Diapers?

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People have been using these for how long?

No wonder people were so happy when disposables were invented!

At first I tried using the old fashioned prefolded cloth diapers that were the only ones you could find at regular stores. They were a rectangular piece of material that you wrapped around the baby and held closed with safety pins. I was always afraid that the baby would get poked by the pins. Once you had that on, you put a big puffy pair of pure plastic pants over that with tight elastic around the thighs. Not the greatest design in my opinion but it worked for a very short amount of time. It was so short that I was thinking of going back to disposables after the first few days. Little did I know that a whole new world of cloth diapers was out there waiting for me and my babies.

If You Prefer the Old Fashioned Ones

Most stores and a lot of websites only have the old fashioned prefold cloth diapers. If you prefer the old way of doing it, check them out. They're all over the place. Otherwise, look down a little further and visit eBay for the most AWESOME cloth diapers. You'll be glad you did!

Picture from
Picture from

Trucks, Teddy Bears, Flowers and Everything Sweet!

I happened to be on eBay one day searching for baby items and for the fun of it, I put "cloth diapers" in the search engine. Lo and behold, there was a whole market out there of cloth diapers that I never knew existed! Cloth diapers are now made to look exactly like disposable diapers! No more pins! Go Velcro!! No more big ugly plastic pants! Outer layer built right in the diaper! They also have every design you can think of! Little animals, teddy bears, footballs, trucks and cars, pinks and blues and every other color in the rainbow! They are FUN!

I was still a little hesitant because I wasn't quite sure if I was going to stick with the cloth diapers or not, but I went ahead and bought a couple. They came and that was it, the twins were in cloth diapers until they were potty trained!

It All Started With eBay

eBay is the place where I discovered that cloth diapers are so much more than a folded up piece of cloth and plastic pants. You can find a huge variety of brands, shapes, colors, and accessories. Diapers to fit any baby and keep them dry just like a disposable. There are specialty brands and many homemade ones for sale.

The Other Style - Mother-Ease

Kushies are an all-in-one cloth diaper that's just like disposables but there's another nice cloth diaper brand/style that I really liked. It's the Mother-ease diapers. There's other brands that are similar. These are ones that have the cloth diaper part and then they have the outer covering separately. Kind of like the plastic pants that I dread but these are a softer, much nicer material with snap closures. I really like the Mother-ease ones. They also sell an all-in-one that's really nice too. All of the materials in these diapers are super soft. They are perfect for sensitive little bums!

Is it cheaper to cloth diaper your baby?

When you consider the cost of your initial investment into cloth diapers along with laundry supplies plus accessories, is it still cheaper to use cloth diapers? According to the Mother-Ease website, they do all the calculations here so you can see for yourself.

I had received a pack of the old kind of cloth diapers as a baby shower gift when I had my first baby. One night, I ran out of diapers and wasn't going to have any money for another two days. At first, I wasn't sure what I was going to do and then I remembered that I had those cloth ones still around. We survived those two days with no disposables and I think that really opened my eyes to how much money could be saved by using cloth instead.

Cloth Diaper Accessories

Accessories for cloth diapers you might ask. Yep, you can find them! The biggest is the liners. They make the cloth diapers more convenient but I wasn't crazy about the way they felt so I didn't use them all the time. If I would be out for the day I would put them in the diaper but if I was at home, I wouldn't. It's been quite a few years since my twins were in diapers though so they might make them better now!

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liner, Neutral, 100 Count, (Pack of 1)
Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liner, Neutral, 100 Count, (Pack of 1)

Bumkins makes a great flushable diaper liner. They make clean up super easy! You throw the liner away right into the toilet when there's solids in it and then your diaper pail doesn't have that added smell to it.

Picture from
Picture from

The Place to Keep the Dirty Diapers

Let's not forget about the diaper pail! You need a place to store the dirty diapers. The way that diaper pails are made now really cuts down on the smell and grossness factor of using cloth diapers. They normally have a pretty tight seal so you put the diaper in and the smell stays put. Once your pail is full, I wouldn't go more than a day or two, you can safely throw the diapers into the washing machine. Today's detergents are made with certain enyzmes and chemicals that break everything down so it's safe to wash them that way.

Since I didn't use cloth diapers until my twins were a little older, their poops were usually well formed and easily flushed down the toilet rather than put in the diaper pail. I'm not sure how it would be with the mushiness of a small infants.

Potty Training was a Breeze

Both of the twins were completely potty trained before they were 2 and a half years old. I always attributed it to the cloth diapers. In a cloth diaper, they can feel when they are wet but in a disposable diaper, the wetness is whisked away and they don't have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of being wet.

My three older kids all had at least a couple accidents once they were in their big kid pants but the twins never did. I think that's one of the biggest advantages over disposables, along with saving lots of money, no more running to the store in the middle of the night if you run out, and they're FUN!!

With so many advantages, why not at least try it for a week to see how it goes? You can always sell the cloth diapers on eBay if you decide cloth diapering isn't right for your lifestyle.

Kushies Swimming Diapers

Kushies has all your diapering needs in mind. They even make swimming diapers!

Cloth Diapering Basics

For Beginners

This is a great video for beginners. It will show you exactly how easy it really is! Cloth diapering is so different than it was years ago. It goes over the costs and how much you can save, the different types of cloth diapers because there's a ton of different types and styles, and why cloth diapering is the best option for most people.

Let's Get This Trend moving!

With the growing concern for the environment, I'm surprised more people don't use cloth diapers. Let's show people how great the new cloth diapers are!

Do You Use Cloth Diapers?

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My favorite ones were Kushies and Motherease but I loved trying all different brands. I know there's more out there than the ones that I tried and I'm sure there's some new brands.

What's Your Favorite Brand of Cloth Diapers?

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 2 years ago from New Zealand

      Very interesting article enjoyed reading it to see another way for babies diapers instead of disposables (landfill).

      When I have my babies in the 1960s there were only cloth washables, these ones you have written about seem much easier to cope with than the old nappies.

      I like the pail that you have here for putting the dirty naps in.

      Thanks for sharing I hope more mothers use these that the disposables diapers.