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How to develop your mind towards positivity

Updated on July 21, 2010

Training the mind

A lot has been attributed to the power of the mind. As

humans, we have the power to mold our personality, to

shape our future, to create our destiny and to determine

who and what we are.We possess greater power than any

other supernatural powers, a power that builds reality

and not mere imaginations. This is the power of the


It is often said that 'It's not who you are that holds

you back, it's who you are think you're not.

It is sometimes interesting how we tend to be so

addicted in looking outside ourselves that we almost

totally lost access to our inner mind. We are so afraid

to look inward for fear of not being happy with what may

be the outcome.What we don't know is that we have the

power to reverse what the outside world makes us believe

in. If the world says you are nothing, then you need to

drum it into yourself that you are 'a unique being'

Aside from believing in and having faith in something

you must make positive effort to make it happen.

Remember the Obama campaign theme 'Yes, we can' and here

we are today. You too can, you only need to be

determined to make it real.

Here are some tips on how to train your mind on positive


Start the day with cheers and smiles: As long as you

welcome your day with positive energy and high spirits,

everything will go well. Start with a beautiful smile,

it doesn't cost you anything, think of the beautiful

things that have happened to you lately and leverage on

it to achieve your objectives for the day.

Ask for Guidance: A few minutes of prayer would help

your soul. If you have faith, God will surely direct

your path for the day. He is the custodian of all

activities so make him your GPS, ask for direction and


Plan the day Ahead: If we fail to plan, then we plan to

fail. To avoid mistakes that will cause negative output

and give birth to negative thoughts on your daily

activities, it is better to plan your work first, after

which you work your plan. Set realistic goals before you

go to bed.

Don't be distraught by your failure: There will be times

things would not turn our as you planned, don't get

frustrated. Once you are convinced you have put in your

best, simply move on and seek for greater opportunities.

Try new challenges: If you try and fail, try and try

again. This is a simple philosophy of life. Doing new

things may include considering more options for a

project. Don't box yourself, be open to new ideas and

thoughts around you. Meet new people, ask questions and

flow freely. By so doing, your flow of thinking is

directed to improvement and negative thoughts will be

wiped out.

Balance your desires: Life is all about negatives and

positives. We can never have all good things in life at

the same time. We live in a world of opposites and

duality - gain and loss, pleasure and pain. Therefore

measure and moderation is the primary key thing to train

your mind with.

Know yourself: No one can truly know you more than you

know yourself. If you know yourself completely, you will

be aware of how far you can go physically, mentally and

emotionally. Create quiet moments to look inward and be

objective in your analysis.

Associate with positive people: The circle in which you

find yourself could make or mar you. Anywhere you find

yourself, make it a habit to associate with optimistic

and positive minded people. Do not allow anyone to bring

you down. If you find such group, hang out with them

more often as this would help build your self confidence

and self esteem.

Be open: You need to accept the fact that learning is

ongoing. No one person can claim sole knowledge of

everything so be open. Ask questions, do not close your

mind to information. Ideas do come from informal

settings so open your mind to receive them.

Love Yourself: Make a positive commitment to yourself

first and foremost. Before you expect others to love and

adore you, you need to love your self first. The more

you hate something about yourself and value other

people, the more harm you are doing to your mind. Praise

yourself as much as you praise others once in a while.

When you start feeling confident about yourself,

positive thoughts will flow naturally.

Kiss your worries goodbye: Before you turn in at night,

relieve your self of bad experiences and unhappy moments

that happened within the day. Simply let them go! If you

find it difficult to do, think of something you enjoy

doing like watching movies, listening to music or

reading, make this your last activity for the day and

dose off in the process.

Remember, as a new day unfolds, new hope arises. Let

your mind work for you. If you can think it, you can do



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