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Benefits of Breast Feeding

Updated on August 28, 2011

Precious Bonding

Breastfeed!!! It is good for you and your baby.

The long wait is over and your dear one is here...What next?? Anxieties related to feeding??? What is best for my child? How often should I feed my child? Is breast feeding good? Will it adversely affect my already bloated figure??? Relax sit back all your fears and anxieties end here...Just Read on....

The experience of breast feeding is very special for all mothers alike for a zillion reasons. Breast feeding is not just beneficial for your child but also for you as a mother.

  • First and foremost breastfeeding protects your baby, builds her immunity and gives her the feeling of bonding with you right from the start.
  • Researches done world wide support the finding that breastfed babies have lower risk to several illnesses like ear, stomach, lower respiratory infections when compared to formula fed babies. It is also seen that breastfeeding’s protection lasts beyond the breast feeding stage as well as warding away diseases that may strike later in life.
  • Early breast milk known as Colostrum is the thick yellow milk that is produced soon after child birth. In addition to the essential nutrients it also contains antibodies that help protecting your baby. By the third day the Colostrum changes into mature milk which has the right balance of all nutrients needed for your Loved One to get her quota of balanced diet. It has just the right amount of fat, protein, sugar, water antibodies and other nutrients to keep your baby on the go.
  • Secretory Immunoglobin that is present in large quantities in breastmilk helps guarding and building up your baby’s immunity. Your body responds to virus/bacteria and creates secretory immunes to those specific pathogens. In short your body produces secretory antibodies that pass on to your baby protecting her from whatever you are exposed to. Can it get any better than this??? Your Lil one is hence being protected from the pathogens that you are exposed to.
  • Breast Milk is also far easier for babies to digest even for the teeny weeny premies. Formula feed generally contains proteins essentially derived from Cow's Milk which the baby will find hard to digest. Breast milk helps boost up the immune system of babies and helps ward away several illnesses. Often formula fed babies develop various infections most commonly gasrtroentital and lower tract respiratory infections. Breastfeeding has also shown to lower risk of SIDS.
  • Breastfeeding builds a bond with your loved one. The close contact between you and your child gives her a sense of security, warmth, comfort and love.

How does breast feeding help you???

  • Research says that a breast feeding mother is sure to shed those extra pounds a lot earlier and easier than those mothers who prefer not to breast feed. Once you get the hang of breast feeding you will find that its a lot easier than going through the chores of washing sterilizing and making formula food. It not just saves you a lot of time but also a few calories.
  • You also save some bucks you can invest in other stuff for your child. Have you seen the price tags of formula feed??? Also breastfed babies tend to be a lot healthier that avoids waiting in long queues to see the doctor.
  • Breastfeeding is said to lower the risk of fatal diseases like Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer and also helps beat Post partum Depression.

So be rest assured breast feeding is not just helping you bond with your Lil one but also is beneficial in several untold ways to both you and your child.

I need not repeat the already highly communicated message that you need to exclusively breast feed for the first six months of your baby's life and can choose to continue breastfeeding along with supplements up to the age of 2 years. So make sure you breastfeed as long as possible and your baby gets enough milk for her nourisment and growth.


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      new baby 

      7 years ago

      very nice article..


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