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10 Delicious Dishes To Serve On Holi

Updated on March 23, 2016

10 Famous Indian Delicious Dishes To Serve On Holi

Celebrate Holi with all its beautiful colors and hues along with us.

As today, we share the famous Indian dishes which are mostly made by the ladies of India for their families and also to offer the visitors.

Here, we brought to you the list of ten famous traditional as well as modern Indian Dishes for you to try out this Holi.

Tip : Try These Sweets On Holi

  1. Gujiya & Namak Paare

  2. Khurma & Malpua

  3. Moong Daal Halwa

  4. Malai Kulfi (made with Dry Fruits)

  5. Khoya (Mava) Barfi

Snacks & Meals

1. Gujiya & Namak Paare

Gujiya is a famous indian sweet cooked mostly on Indian festivals like Holi & Diwali. Holi is known for the famous Gujiyas and Thandai. There can be hardly any Indian who celebrates Holi without Gujiya.

  • Gujiya are delicious puffed fried pastry filled with khoya & nut mixture.
  • Namak Paare on the other hand are salty crunchy snacks which are seasoned with carom seeds.

Gujia Recipe

Namak Paare Recipe

Gujiya With NamakPaare & Bhakar Badi
Gujiya With NamakPaare & Bhakar Badi

Have you tried Combination of Gujiya with Namak Paare?

It’s very mouth watering and delicious to have gujiya with namak paare. The salt and crunchiness of namak paare are best matched with sweetness of khoya gujiya.

Home Made Gujiya and Matthi

Tip : Try These Starters On Holi

  1. Masala Mathri

  2. Pani Puri

  3. Chaat & Kebab :

    1. Papri Chaat

    2. Aloo Chaat

    3. Dahi Bhalla

    4. Dahi Kebab

    5. Mushroom Kebab

  4. Dal Kachori

  5. Pakore

    1. Bread Pakora

    2. Bhang Pakori

    3. Punjabi Samosa

2. Chaat & Kebab

  • Chaat is another famous savory snacks which got its origin from street-side food stalls and food counters in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Kebabs are one of the very easy to make starter with many new varieties of kebab recipes such as dahi kebab, hare-bhare kebab, mushroom kebab, etc.

These are very famous street food in most of the cities of India and we get many new versions of chaats and kebabs today.

For people who are health conscious can prefer hare-bhare kebab which is filled with the goodness of spinach and being nutritious and delicious.

Tip : Pair the kebabs and chats with some chutney of your choice and enjoy the flavor.

Papdi Chaat Recipe

Aloo (Potato) Chaat Recipe

Dahi Bhalle Recipe

Dahi Kabab Recipe

Hara Bhara Kabab Recipe

Mushroom and Paneer Kabab Recipe

Aloo Bread Pakora Recipe

3. Pakoras

Pakoras are crispy and fried fritters which are very common among tea time snack recipes but during the festival of Holi, the ladies prepare these pakodas with many new varieties of them such as bread pakoda, chana dal pakoda which is prepared by bengal gram, palak pakoda, onion pakoda, potato pakoda, etc. accompanied with sauces and chutneys. The crisp texture from outside and soft bite from within, makes it all the more delicious.

Punjabi Samosa Recipe

4. Punjabi Samosa

In India, talking of Samosa reminds us of local ‘halwaais’ deep frying spicy crispy samosas in big pans (kadhai). Samosa are spicy soft from inside and have crispy golden brown outer crust.

Punjabi Samosa is generally bigger in size. They are filled with the mixture of potatoes and peas. We can make Samosa more delicious by adding raisins and various nuts like cashews, almond etc.

Samosa are best served with spicy chutneys or chole.

Dahi Vada Recipe

5. Dahi Vada

Vadas are famous south Indian recipe which are usually served with Sambhar or Dahi. For Dahi vada it’s best to make vadas softer by soaking them in water. Water helps in making vadas more fluffy.

Dahi vada is best served with some spicy powders, nuts and sweet chutney (like khajur chutney or imli chutney).

Kadai Paneer Recipe

6. Kadhai Paneer and Garlic Parantha (Indian Garlic Bread)

As the name suggests, Kadhai Paneer is cooked using paneer as the main ingredient. It is prepared in a kadhai to increase its taste. Kadhai Paneer (With Gravy) is best served with Garlic Parantha.

Indian Garlic Parathas Recipe

Tip : Try These Main Course On Holi

  1. Punjabi Cholle with Bhature

  2. Kadhai Paneer and Garlic Parantha

  3. Malai Kofta and Bedmi Puri

Chole Bhature Recipe

7. Punjabi Chole with Bhature

The combination of punjabi chole and bhature is not just fulfilling but mouth-watering.

Punjabi Chole Bhature are very famous all over india for its spicy delicious flavor. It is best served with Raw Onion Salad, dipped in green chutney and some pickles (like mango pickle, radish pickle).

Tip : Try These Drinks On Holi

  1. Thandai

  2. Bhaang Lassi

  3. Jaljeera

  4. Aam Panna

  5. Apple Banana Smoothie

Drinks For Holi

8. Thandai

Thandai is a terrific beverage which was traditionally made with the flavors of almonds, but today we can find variety of flavors of Thandai in the market. This drink is served chilled. It does a magic to one's mood when the temperature sores.

Thandai Recipe

Jaljeera Recipe

9. Jaljeera Drink

Popular by the North-Indians, Jaljeera is a mixture of tastes together with aromatic, sour, tangy and spicy taste. Its very tasty and ideal beverage consumed by most of the people during summers and specially on Holi to relax the mind with this cool drink. Some of the main ingredients being mint, tamarind, black pepper and fennel which makes it taste spicy. Thus this drink is a full of flavors and the punch added by this drink will be a good recipe for you to try out this Holi.

Jaljeera is also used for watering gol gappe (which is yet another delicious snack from India).

Bhang Mixed Thandai, Lassi & Pakoras

10. Bhaang Recipes (Lassi, Thandai & Pakore)

Bhaang is a very famous intoxicating drink prepared on Holi. This drink is mainly prepared with cannabis leaves, but many people experiment with the recipes and make use of poppy seed, rose petals, whole spices, etc. Being an intoxicating drink it’s not an offense to consume it on this day publically.

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