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Top 5 Easter Treat Recipes

Updated on July 22, 2015

Tasty Easter Treats

Easter will be upon us soon, and as it is a cause for celebration that means it is also a great time to make some tasty treats for you and your family to enjoy, or perhaps even to throw a party. No doubt we will all be indulging in a large quantity of chocolate but you could always have a few other treats on hand, granted most are still based on chocolate! hehe! But I have found these 5 great easter treat recipes online that I thought I could share with you. These aren't traditional recipes like hot-cross buns these are fun treats which yours kids will simply love!

I can't take credit for any of these tasty treats myself, but you will find the links to each recipes listed in the sections below, please check them out if you fancy making any of these great creations.

Down the Rabbit Hole Cake Push Pops Easter Treats
Down the Rabbit Hole Cake Push Pops Easter Treats | Source

Down the Rabbit Hole Cake Push Pops

I mean how seriously cute are these tasty treats, almost too cute to eat really. These ones were found over on Hungry Happenings, and I really think the woman who writes it is a genius for coming up with something so creative! These little push pops have a cakey base and lots of tasty toppings to make it look like a little fluffy bunny rabbit diving down a rabbit hole (that's edible grass by the way!) Every child is going to be in awe of how cool this little treat is. They would be perfect for an Easter Party or a childs birthday party that happens to be around easter time, you'll be super mum if you manage to make these.

Birds Nest Treats
Birds Nest Treats | Source

Birds Nest Treats

I think birds nests are one of those easter traditions that every child makes at some point in their lives, whether you make them with corn flakes, shredded wheat or some other form of cereal, they really are a simple yummy easter snack the kids can help you create. These sweet ones were found over on The Curvy Carrot, check out her other easter recipes too. Why not try making them with a selection of different cereals, or maybe with white and dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and see which you like the most, it could become a new family tradition to make them in a new different way! Just don't forget the mini eggs in the centre, they are the real star after all!!

Easter Marshmallow Bark Recipe
Easter Marshmallow Bark Recipe | Source

Easter Marshmallow Bark

Coming from the UK, bark was something I only discovered last year, I had never heard of it before I started looking for something I could make my family and friends for christmas gifts. I made quite a wide selection as gifts and everyone loved them, so I think they may become a bit of a tradition. That is why I was super excited to find this easter themed one on Butter with a Side of Bread, I love that she cut them into egg shapes too, such a simple but cute idea. I bet these marshmallow stuffed ones are super tasty and really sweet!

Cinnabunnies recipe
Cinnabunnies recipe | Source


Ah, I do love a Betty Crocker recipe, she is so clever but here creations are often very simple for others to create! And these little Cinna-bunnies are just brilliant. Very creative way to use cinnamon rolls to create cute little bunny rabbit treats, they really are perfect for an easter party and kids will love tucking into these sweet pastry treats.

Ores Bunny Truffles Recipe
Ores Bunny Truffles Recipe | Source

Oren Bunny Truffles

I love to find simple creative recipes likes this rabbit oreo truffle one I found on Key Lime Digital Designs. You can just bet how good these cute little bunnies will taste. Plus they look pretty impressive yet are really simple to make, you don't even have to bake or cook anything! Just blunts, mould, melt, dip, chill and decorate (my simple breakdown for you there!) I think these are perfect easter gift material for giving to kids or family and friends.


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