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Chocolate For Breakfast! (But Don't Tell The Kids...)

Updated on February 17, 2014

Sainsbury's Triple Chocolate Crisp Cereal

Well, I found it in the "Adult Cereals" section in Sainsbury's so I feel justified in hiding it from my daughter. It's called Sainsbury's Triple Chocolate Crisp Cereal, and its name really says it all. It contains clusters of wholegrain oats, wheat and rice, some almonds - and a whole load of chocolate!

And it's not the normal sugary powdered chocolate you would find in childrens' cereals like Coco Pops; this is much more sophisticated. This cereal has dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate curls, and I have to say that Sainsbury's has been very generous with their chocolate.

Not only are these curls of a good size, but there is also a very good 'chocolate to cereal cluster' ratio, which is never a bad thing! The curly chocolate shavings are thin enough to melt on your tongue, but rich enough to make a powerful chocolately impact. I'm not a chocolate expert, (although I am quite an experienced chocolate eater!) - but this tastes like good quality chocolate; they certainly haven't skimped on quality just because it's for a breakfast cereal. And the combination of the three different kinds of chocolate is most pleasant.

Despite being 12% chocolate, this cereal appears to be relatively good for you, (at least from the claims it makes on the front of the box). It has no artificial colours or flavours, no added salt, it's wholegrain, and is a good source of fibre. True, it does have more calories than your average cereal (439 kcal per 100g.  Okay, this may well also be more than your average chocolate bar...) and the fat content is high (at 17.6g per 100g), but the occasional box won't do me any harm.

Some reviews that I've read on the web describe this product as 'just wrong', but to me it is just so right! If you're a chocolate lover, this indulgent cereal is something that you've got to experience. It also comes in pecan & maple or yogurt & raspberry, but who'd choose these given the alternative?

Sweet Like Chocolate


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    • Moon Daisy profile imageAUTHOR

      Moon Daisy 

      7 years ago from London

      Sandyspider, yes it is really yummy! Probably shouldn't eat it all the time though...

      AliciaC, it is very hard to save it just for breakfast. (Something which I failed at!)

      Thanks youbar, it is. Actually I haven't bought it for a while, and I'm feeling the need to buy some..

    • youbar profile image

      Joel Lipman 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      yum, sounds delicious!

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      7 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This cereal sounds absolutely delicious. I love chocolate, though, and I don't think that I'd have the willpower to save the cereal just for breakfasts!

    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      A chocolate cereal that is good for you won this chocoholic!

    • Moon Daisy profile imageAUTHOR

      Moon Daisy 

      7 years ago from London

      Thanks for all your chocolate-loving comments! And Kenny, yes, you put it so well, I can't imagine life without chocolate.

    • kennynext profile image


      7 years ago from Everywhere

      Chocolate and more chocolate. We are only here for a short time so we need to induldge some. A life without chocolate would be a horrible thing indeed.

    • CreateHubpages profile image


      7 years ago

      Wow... that was pretty delicious. Chocolate for breakfast? yumyum. Thanks for this great information

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      Loved it. Voted it up. I love chocolate so, this was an easy hub to enjoy, LOL

    • laurafls profile image


      8 years ago

      cool i love chocolate so much.good info

    • Moon Daisy profile imageAUTHOR

      Moon Daisy 

      8 years ago from London

      Yes, in theory it should be a sometimes breakfast, but in practice it's harder. You see, once you have a box in the house you just want to have it every morning (and sometimes even at night too, lol!) So I just treat myself to a box every so often.

      I hope it does get to Australia. So far I've only seen it in Sainsbury's, which I know you don't have there. But maybe you could get some on Amazon? Seem to have most things on there..

      Thanks for your comment.

    • MPG Narratives profile image

      Marie Giunta 

      8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Wow, chocolate for breakfast and it's good for you!!! Sounds like a 'sometimes' breakfast food to me but hope we get it in Australia soon, sounds yummy.


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