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A Non-spicy Mouthwatering Stew Recipe

Updated on July 8, 2016

A Mouthwatering Dish

Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art

A Thought So Rare

Today after a long thought I’ve decided to pen down a recipe. Sharing a recipe is very common and quite interesting too. Thus, I am sure it cannot sound strange to you readers but it sounds strange to me. Well, I feel sharing a recipe is simply unexpected of me. It is not because that I consider sharing a recipe a mean act but it’s only because I always tried to refrain myself from cooking.

Appreciation Worked As Magic

In my pre-married life I rarely entered kitchen. I stepped into the kitchen only when there was a need to help others or else cooking was not my cup of tea. Gradually, it changed with the change in my marital status. Post- married life taught me the urgency to cook. I never felt like cooking. Then, it’s without saying I never took interest in remembering the ingredients and the process of cooking a particular dish. I usually pained others to prompt and guide me through the whole cooking process. Everyday it was a juggle in the kitchen and a strong irritation within my mind. It continued like this for some months but one day to my utmost surprise I cooked without any guide and supervision. Wait a minute that does not mean I felt no irritation. It was as it is, but, it vanished in one go when I served the food to the family. There smile and appreciation did a magic. My thought process changed and I made some special tips for myself to have pleasure in cooking. These self made tips really worked for me and so I shared it in another hub Make Cooking a Pleasure for those people who never likes to cook.

I love spending time with my friends and family. The simplest things in life give me the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying my friends.

— Cindy Morgan

Happy Cooking!


Pleasure in Cooking

As I learnt to take pleasure in cooking I eventually started to experiment a bit in it. My experiments are always within the available ingredients at home. I never go for such changes for which I have to rush to the market. One of my experimental recipes I would love to share but before that I want to make it very clear that this particular recipe is not for the spicy food lovers. It is non- spicy and very light dish which one can take with bread, Indian chapattis (made of coarse flour) or steamed rice. I mentioned steamed rice because being a Bengali I am fond of rice which is the staple food of West Bengal, India and also most of the Bengali speaking people. Well, rice is loved in Eastern India as well as Southern India.

An innovative experiment in cooking has to pass the taste buds of the food eating members. If it's appreciated by them then the experiment becomes successful and becomes an achievement for the cook like me. So, that's how a success story gets scripted.


This dish is even named by me according to my own understanding but feel free to suggest a new name if you have any. The recipe is given below:

Vegetables and Scrambled Egg Stew


Potato, Capsicum, Onion and Tomato


Refined oil, Black Pepper, Salt and Sugar according to taste, 2 or 3 green chilies, Few pinches of Turmeric, 3 or4 tsp Dark Soya Sauce and 2 or 3 tsp milk.

The measurement of the required ingredients depend upon the quantity required.


Peel potatoes and cut it into small dices. Deseed the capsicums and cut them into small dices and cut onions in small dices too. Cut tomatoes also in small pieces.

Whip the eggs with milk (quantity mentioned above), salt to taste, a pinch of turmeric and a little black pepper and keep aside.

Heat little oil in a frying pan and then add diced potatoes, put a pinch of turmeric and a very little salt. Sauté a little in medium flame and then cover it for a while. When the potatoes are almost done then take them out in a plate.

Now, if a little oil is required then add so and heat it well. Put the sliced onions in it, fry it a little and then add capsicums and green chilies with a small fine cut in it.

After a little while add the tomatoes and put a little salt in it. Now, cover the pan with a lid for a while. Let the vegetables get cooked in its own water vapours created due to the covering while cooking. Take off the lid after some time and you will get to see the vegetables are almost done.

Now, add the potatoes which were kept aside in a plate. Mix the vegetables well and keep it covered on a low flame for a little while after adding a little hot water in it.

Heat some oil in another frying pan. When the oil gets properly heated then you add the whipped egg. Stir it continuously and it will take the form of small lumps. Fry it a little more and scrambled egg is ready.

In the meantime, the vegetables get properly done in the first frying pan. Now, add to it the scrambled eggs. Mix it well.

Add some hot water according to the quantity required. Let it boil for some time with a lid; meanwhile add salt to taste and a little bit of sugar.

When the water mixes well with the vegetables and its juice then add dark soya sauce which will add a Chinese flavor to the dish. Bring to a boil once again so that the soya sauce mixes well with the liquid.

The whole dish takes a little brownish tinge which makes the stew look nice and trust me it tastes very good too. Serve this vegetable and scrambled egg stew with bread or chapattis. Even it can be served with hot steamed rice. I am sure whose staple food is rice they would love this stew with it. Those who prefer non- spicy food they would also love this dish.

Give this Recipe a Try

This is a hot favourite recipe of my family. Especially they love this dish during summers because it is very light due to its non- spicy ingredients which make it easily digestible.

I think it is an amazing dish for the children too. Those children who run away from vegetables, now, they too eat it happily because of the eggs in it and the Chinese flavor. Just try it once and you will love it too. It’s guaranteed.

Egg Stew in Nigerian Style


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