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A comment on what's LEFT.

Updated on April 8, 2013
Don't look left because :-@
Don't look left because :-@

Some of you fellow Lefties have been asking how to get Prosgold to show the profile on the left, much like subgold does by default.

Firstly we will make sure attachments boxes are not separated from the rest of the post by the profile pain

Next we are going to change the float value from the right to the left and move the white vertical border making it alright to the world, and then looking at it very severely we question what we have accomplished.

As you see all LEFT in space and it makes good sense.

Left profiles are the best.
Left profiles are the best.

Now for the HUB:

I had a dream that all space is created equal and all life has to do is pay attention to what is LEFT, for a simple humanitarian to entertain the wider world:

The moment is right as this day will attest

We are not wrong, but lefties at their very best

All warriors of truth, justice and freedom attend

We hold ethics up high and in our red banner it rests

Our spirit is high and our sail full of wind

We crafted this boat at home, our place, our nest

So adventuring we go to put those nasty and tyrants to the test

Coming right out of LEFT field, we are enflame

Supporters of the good and the morally sane

And with a full glass, we all toast our dream

Of a Humbler humanity engaged

We take the good fight and

Show off our spirited intent, to all

On the brightest of blue

Almost pristine clear sky, we all now call

The good Old Internet.

In sharing this Space, our intention is clear

To make this global world a place, where

Others in space can look on and admire

Those human Lefties are proud of their nest

And like birds in the wind

They all flock together

To give space

A purer saner dimension

So wise, but

Alas with our world, a dream it remains

As alls’ right in the world, and we see it as a Right jest

Where greed, power and self-interest are considered by far, good and the best

The Aliens look on, shaking their heads

And think out aloud, showing no grace, that

The earth is, "AAHH what a waste of space"

And its time we LEFT-IED this place.


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      Diego 2 years ago

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    • profile image

      Gracye 2 years ago

      Your post has moved the debate fodarwr. Thanks for sharing!