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A Perfect Breakfast

Updated on March 2, 2016

On the grand scale of things,i find this is without a doubt the best combination breakfast ive came up with yet.over the years i have experimented with loads,bu

Recipe for a tasty breakfast.

Hearty Filling Breakfast

100-150G bran flakes - 3 tablespoons natural yoghurt.

I banana

I apple

I pear

100G raisins

1 or 2 slices fresh pineapple.

2 0R 3 tinned almonds

Preparation is very easy,follow these four easy steps to a delicious breakfast.

1-pour bran flakes in to a bowl.

2-pour natural yoghurt over bran flakes.

3-chop up fruit and add to bran flakes and yoghurt.

4-mix well and enjoy.

Realistically the amount of fruit in the bowl would easilly do two people.always a good excuse to share .this is also a breakfast my kids really enjoy,they also love lending a hand to chop all the ingredients for the breakfast. And i find its a great way to spend some fun time hanging about with your children.we tend to eat more fruit than we get in the bowl,but its great fun none the less.

Open to change.

This breakfast recipe isn't set in stone.the basic principle is good,up I've often changed fruit,types of yoghurt,types of bran flake mixes.a change is as good as a holiday. The possibilities are endless,some mornings I've went with six or seven fruits instead of one,this breakfast never gets boring. I enjoy and look forward to eating a healthy and tasty meal each morning.i find it sets me up for the day also,I feel energised and awake after eating my concoctions. It's definitely my favourite meal of the day.

Every morning

This is the breakfast of choice for me.i do occassionally mix it up and alter the fruit combos.not all work as good as the original ones I chose.its like everything else in life,trial and error.

Top notch.


Being diabetic.

Breakfast now has more significance than ever before.ive been told by nurses and doctors to make sure you eat three square and healthy meals every day.but sometimes I don't feel hungry,but the doctors and nurses comments still ring in my ear if I don't eat.

Changed slightly recently.

Over the past couple of weeks ,ive tried a new recipe mix. I started eating granola.i thought why not mix it with my Bran Flakes ,Natural Yoghurt and the Banana. Turned out it is absolutely delicious. Ive now been eating it every morning in place of my previous brekky. The taste of all the ingredients combined is fantastic. I look forward to getting up in the morning for a bowl,that's how nice it tastes. Everyone adventurously minded should give it a try. You won't regret it.

Natural Yoghurt.

I personally think natural yoghurt is delicious,healthy and good for you. I know its not to everyone's taste,but mixed in like I have written with all other ingredients,it definitely adds to the flavour. I think natural yoghurt is so underrated,it doesn't get the use in life that it deserves. I eat it every day with breakfast,and sometimes I do a fruit compot with four to five fruits and mix them with the natural yoghurt,it's absolutely delicious. It's sweet and tastes great,and the bonus feature is it is good for you. The yoghurt I buy is fat free and sugar free. All the goodness,none of the sugar. It's a win win situation.

Decisions Decisions.

What's the best breakfast to have?

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What to eat?

Do you splash out every now and then?

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My staple.

I've eaten this breakfast for a long time now. Recently I decided a change was in order. I bought Granola,bran flakes and mixed them altogether. Tried it the next morning with mixed fruit and semi skimmed milk. It was absolutely delicious. I would recommend it to everyone. Not only is it healthy,but it was delicious. The possibilities are endless what you can do to mix it up.Different combinations of natural yoghurt and all types of fruit.

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