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Have you already know about simple recipes with bulgur wheat?

Updated on September 2, 2012

Durum Wheat


How to cook bulgur wheat?

Bulgur as you may already know is a partly cooked cracked wheat, and for this reason alone if you think of recipes with bulgur, it only need less preparation and works to be done.

The difference with any other wheat types is that you only need to boil them for around ten minutes before it is ready. As simple as that. You can easily find many bulgur wheat recipes online.

How is the bulgur will taste like? For people who have consumed bulgur, they would agree that it has a kind of fluffy and nut flavors combined.

Smooth grounded bulgur is well-known because its liquid absorbing ability and thus it is suitable for cooking with stocks, and perhaps any kind of dressings.

In this case, if you are considering of cooking bulgur wheat salad with dressing as side dishes, it will be a healthier choice for a lunch. If the wheat grains are grounded rather coarse, longer cooking time will be necessary.

Therefore, if you decide to cook bulgur wheat then it is a perfect alternative for cereal, and perhaps replacing pasta as well as any rice meal to give your daily carbohydrates needs.

What is bulgur actually is?

There are different names for bulgur, depending on where you are coming from. In some countries, people would call it, burghul, or bulgar. So what is bulgur anyway? What is bulgur wheat actually made off?

Simply to say it is whole wheat that has been precooked, the first stage of cooking process will be cleaning the wheat, steaming, and drying. The next important step is to ground them into fine grains of different sizes and coarseness.

The wheat is actually be made from various types of wheat, the most common one would be durum. The combined wheat has first been introduced in Roman empire era, the Egyptian have already consumed bulgur in 1000 B.C.

Nowadays, bulgur is part of Middle east diet. It is actually a common cooking ingredient in the Middle East, India, and Mediterranean, part of their culinary culture.

Each size of grain has different purpose in cooking, a whole bulgur grains usually integrated to a baking process, and it also a perfect combination with stews as well as soups.

The finest grounded bulgur, is best to use for cereals type of breakfast, while medium grounded bulgur is combined with salads or to make breads.


What is bulgur pilaf?

The term pilaf is always being associated with rice; it is a kind of side dishes, consisting of vegetables, and rice that has been seasoned. Pilaf has been first introduced in the 5th century, during the Persian Empire.

The dish was then brought by Persian traders to Armenia, Greece, and Eastern Europe. They also well-known and considered as staple dishes in Iran, Iraq and Turkey.

What is bulgur pilaf? Instead of rice people would use bulgur to make pilaf, the cooking style will somehow different with rice.

Generally when making bulgur pilaf, you first need to quickly fry the wheat grains in butter to get the slightly brown color, be careful not to make it over-cook. After the brown color obtained, then you can add broths, meat and lastly vegetables.


How much calories in bulgur?

In a quarter of cup, the raw or pre-cooked bulgur wheat will have about 150 to 160 of calories.

But it is not bulgur wheat calories you should worry about, it is the bulgur wheat nutrition you may want to pay more attention to.

Bulgur is a healthier choice of your daily intake, it surely have minerals, such as magnesium, selenium, zinc, phosphorous, manganese, and iron.

It also has the ferulic acid, one type of anti-oxidant that proven to be effective to prevent cancer.

You can find bulgur in the supermarket near you, if there is none available, you might want to try any Eastern Europe, Middle East specialty grocery stores, natural and organic food market, and even you can buy it online.

So what are you waiting for? Try bulgur wheat salad today, and let me know if you like it or not.


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