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Backyard Barbecue Ideas

Updated on April 29, 2008

Are you planning to enjoy grilling in your backyard this summer? Whether you're planning a large family outing or you are simply planning to prepare meals for your family using your outdoor grill, there are many ways to enjoy delicious backyard barbecue meals.

Main Courses on the Grill

One of the things that is so great about cooking on the grill is that it can be quite simple to prepare delicious meals that everyone in your family is sure to enjoy. You can easily prepare delicious seafood, meat, and poultry entrees with very little effort.

The Secret is in the Sauce

Many backyard cooks have secret recipes for marinades and barbecue sauces that they swear by. The sauce that you use to season whatever type of meat that you are planning to cook can certainly make a difference in how the finished product turns out. Whether you use a pre-made grilling sauce or you use your favorite recipe to make your own marinade, you can certainly personalize your grilled meals by using a signature sauce.

If you want to infuse the meat with flavor, it's a good idea to marinate it for several hours, preferably overnight. If you just want to top off the meat with zesty flavor, but you don't want it to soak in, you can simply brush your favorite sauce on the meat while it's cooking.

Dry Rubs for Delicious Entrees

As an alternative to marinades and other liquid flavor enhancements, many backyard chefs prefer to use dry rubs to flavor the main dishes they prepare on the grill. Dry rubs are easy to make, using spices you probably already have on your spice rack. Many seasoning manufacturers market pre-mixed dry rubs, which you can typically find on the same aisle in the supermarket as barbecue sauces, marinades, and other seasonings.

Side Dishes

There are many ways to prepare side dishes on the grill. The best backyard cookouts include a combination of grilled side dishes and cold items that can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated.

Hot Side Dishes: Many vegetables are delicious prepared on the grill. Try wrapping fresh or frozen corn on the cob in aluminum foil and place it on the grill alongside your favorite main dishes while they're cooking. You can also easily prepare your oil foil packets of vegetables using aluminum foil and butter or non-stick cooking spray.

Try slicing onions, mushrooms, zucchini, and other tasty vegetables. Place them on foil that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray or with a pat of butter. Seal the foil, poke in a few holes to vent the veggies, and place on the grill.

Cold Side Dishes: There are a lot of great cold salads and other refrigerated dishes that make perfect accompaniments to grilled meats. If you'll be eating outside, be sure to avoid using mayonnaise or any other ingredients that might cause a health hazard if they overheat.


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  • profile image

    mjkearn 5 years ago

    Hi mg,

    great hub and great tips. Don't cook much but love the BQ and will definitely try the marinade ideas. Thanks for writing and for sharing. Voting up,


  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    Hmmmm....Yummy. it sound delicious. thanks for nice recipes.

  • Angela Harris profile image

    Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

    Grilled vegetables are the best! Grilled onions are a favorite.

  • Trsmd profile image

    Trsmd 9 years ago from India

    Thanks for posting Mouth Watering Delicious recipe with pictures...mmmmm...