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Bavarian Hills German food at Apple Hill

Updated on November 11, 2012

Photos of our time at Bavarian Hills

Bavarian Hills Orchards3100 North Canyon Road, Camino, Ca
Bavarian Hills Orchards3100 North Canyon Road, Camino, Ca | Source
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves | Source

Bavarian Hills Orchards

Well, here we go farther up the road on our tour of Apple Hill, a seasonal fun place in the hills above Placerville, California. My husband, daughter and I are traveling from one fun place to another eating Apple strudel, apple donuts, apple cider and now we are searching for some lunch. If you have just joined us you might want to click on the first Hub of the day to start at the beginning of our tour. We started out at High Hill Ranch then on to Madrona Winery, Woffords Acres Vineyards and now here we are at Bavarian Hills Orchards.

The last time I ate at Bavarian Hills it was a full service cafe, very nicely decorated, wait-persons and a nice variety of German food. We were very disappointed when we walked inside this time, as it has become a fast food type place: step up to the counter, order your food (which is served on Styrofoam or paper plates and cups) of which there is a very limited menu. They do serve polish sausages on a bun with German potato salad (I don't know what German salad is supposed to be so can't judge it in any way) and your choice of Apple pie or strudel. The servings were small, and the price was about $8.99.

I don't enjoy giving a bad review, however, I believe that is what a review is about so I feel I have to say what I feel.

The scenery at the Bavarian was very nice as were the other places we have stopped. The trees are all dressed in God's gift to us this time of year-Orange and Yellow leaves falling to the ground. Kristen and I really enjoyed the leaves as seen in the pictures included. I absolutely love Fall Leaves !

Thanks for joining us on this little day trip in to the foothills above Sacramento. It has been a delight, even the thrill of the hail turning everything white! Those pictures are on one of the other hubs so you will need to click back on the other hubs to experience the whole Day Trip on Apple Hill!

Autumn leaves at Bavarian Hills

Just a couple of Germans hanging around
Just a couple of Germans hanging around | Source
Betty and Kristen
Betty and Kristen | Source
Polish sausage, German Potato salad and Apple Strudel
Polish sausage, German Potato salad and Apple Strudel | Source

Autumn leaves at Bavarian Hills cafe


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    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Too bad that the Bavarian Hills dining establishment went from a full service cafe to the fast food place that you described. Voting this up and useful because if I ever get to that part of California, I'll skip dining there. The autumn leaves were certainly pretty!