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Beer Tasting: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Updated on August 30, 2014


An American Wheat Ale with cherry notes and a hint of honey. Hazy Golden color with a light to medium body. Great beer and definitely one of my top picks for any occasion. Has a wonderful sweet cherry aroma with a smooth wheat smell that really brings a perfect balance to the beer. Has a great taste of cherries, honey, and wheat, all combined to give a the taste of perfection.


American Wheat Ale

Alcohol: 5.3%

Calories: 176 per 12 oz

IBU: 23

Color: Hazy Golden

Beer Tasting 101 with Michael Thacker

5 stars from 1 rating of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Food Pairing

I combined it with a nice filet, with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagues. The lightly sweet flavor of the beer really goes well with boldness of the steak and allows for a refreshing balance as you wash the steak down with the cherry sweetness. This beer would also go great with grilled chicken and rice as a lighter type meal.

Added Comment

A great beer that can be enjoyed just about anywhere. The only downside I saw with the beer was once you got past three or four the sweetness tended to be a bit overwhelming, so I suggest eating some type of salty dish periodically such as chips, popcorn, etc. Absolutely one of my favorite beers especially when you cook up a great steak with family and friends on a hot summer day.


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