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Why you should start drinking Red Wine after you read the benefits in it.

Updated on July 1, 2013
Pouring red wine into a glass.
Pouring red wine into a glass. | Source

The red wine has a long History in this world, from being the beverage of the gods to be a special merchandise now a day. The red wine is an excellent antioxidant helping our bodies to fool the aging process, it's exceptionally useful as an anti-stress remedie letting ourselves to feel calm and happy, lowering our heartbeat rate making it a very good partner in part of some heart diseases boosting our health.

In this article, we're going to review all the benefits from the red wine, How to take full advantage of it, and what type of red wine is better. Having an occasional glass of red wine can bring to your health and to your daily life an enhancement in many ways, having a glass of red wine in our diet can have many benefits to us. We will begin checking the benefits.

It's good to take red wine in our diet?

Scientist from the Harvard University made discoveries and keep the research in a new drug in development, in this new drug they included a component from the red wine, this component helps the humans boosting his longevity and improving in many ways the daily life of the people.

This unique component from the wine is called "Resveratrol" and it's hosted in the skin of the grapes and in 70 other species of plants like dried fruits and berries. The Resveratrol has strong effects in the body as a powerful anti-aging because it causes an enhancement in the activity of the SIRT1 protein.

The Resveratrol is a strong ally against heart diseases, it has been tested in patients with heart diseases and with diabetes, showing major changes in the daily life of patients suffering from heart diseases and lowering the symptoms of the type two diabetes .

The red wine is not only special because of the Resveratrol, it also have a good amount of flavonoids and polyphenols, these two helping in the anti aging process protecting the cells from the bad cholesterol and preventing the natural programmed death process called "Apoptosis".

The components in the wine are useful because they protect the blood vessel and the collagen in the vascular walls, also they prevent the attachment of platelets and with this the formation of clots. This is why the red wine is a powerful ally against the heart diseases.



Benefit #1:

The people of Cerdeña, Italy and from Ikaria, Greek are the people with more longevity in the records of oldest people, and some experts explain that the reason to this, is the Mediterranean diet. The people in those towns usually take a glass of wine in their meals, taking full advantage of the polyphenols, flavonoids and Resveratrol as a daily remedie to have a long and healthy life.

Benefit #2:

The scientist already knew that the antioxidants are good against the natural aging process of the body, but recently they discovered that they also are good allies fighting the Alzheimer. This was concluded in the Leeds University in England, making the final conclusions that drinking red wine and green tea can be really helpful in patients with Alzheimer.

"We discovered that the antioxidants housed in the green tea and the red wine can change the form of an amyloid and prevent the interaction with a particular protein in the brain cells. Interrupting this interaction, the origin of Alzheimer is nullified" -Nigel Hooper, leader of the research in Leeds University, England.

Benefit #3:

In an investigation in the South Carolina University in Columbia, the researchers found that the patients with prostate cancer that before the diagnosis had a regular diet with polyphenols, flavonoids and Resveratrol in their daily diet had a 25% less risk from suffering the aggressive form of the disease.

Benefit #4:

The antioxidants hosted in the red wine and the grapes, nullifies the grow of new blood vessels associated with ocular diseases like the macular degeneration and the diabetic retinopathy; this was founded and tested by researchers of the Washington University in St. Louis.

Benefit #5:

According to the research in the Maastricht University in Netherlands, the men with obesity who take a daily doses of red wine with average percentages of Resveratrol improved their metabolism compared to have a strict low calories diet.

"This are great news, because this can be the start point for and extended research in the use of Resveratrol in cases of type two Diabetes" -Patrick Schrauwen, leader of research.

In the results of the tests , the scientists oberseved an important improvement in the metabolic system, lower content of fat in the liver and a lower levels of arterial pressure and glycemia.

Benefit #6:

A daily consumption of red wine without alcohol or pills with the components in it are useful against the uprising of the high blood pressure cases and diseases linked with this symptoms in the modern world.

Benefit #7:

The researches around the world have shown that adult people who drinks small to moderate amounts of red or white wine or even beer have a lesser probability to suffer from heart diseases compared to those who doesn't drink it regularly or alcohol dependent. Drinking nothing leave the body without the components to protect the heart, while drinking to much can cause other damages to the system.

Benefit #8:

Some of the reasons of why the consumption of alcohol in small or moderate amounts can be helpful to the health are mainly because this increases the amount of the High Density Lipoprotein (HDL), a type of cholesterol, sometimes called "Good Cholesterol", lowering the probabilities of suffering from clots, reducing inflammation and heighten the activity of antioxidants.

Benefit #9:

A new research in the University of Barcelona found that the flavonoids of the grapes and the red wine are useful to avoid sun damage in the skin by the exposure of UV light. This means that drinking a glass of red wine plus other methods to protect or skin can help us in the prevention against skin cancer, again it's recommended to drink small or moderate amounts.

Benefit #10:

"It has been demonstrated that the flavonoids present in the berries, apples, citrics, the tea, red wine and onions can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and several types of cancers." -Dr. Nancy Copperman, from the North Shore-LIJ Health System in New York.

Moderation: drinking one glass of wine daily can make a great change in your life, and cause and improvement in your system and it's not harmful, but excessive drinking can lead to other damages like liver damage or trigger other diseases. Caution is advised.

Color and the type of grape.

Types of grapes and the color of the wine.
Types of grapes and the color of the wine. | Source


  • Douro Reds: Fresh aroma and flavor of blueberries and violets, highest amount of Resveratrol, polyphenols and flavonoids.
  • Petite Sirah: Strong flavors of blueberries, other types of berries and high tannin present in this blend, high amount of components.
  • Mourvedre: Meaty flavors and black in color with a good amount of components in it.
  • Shiraz: strong-medium flavor and aromas with a peculiar touch of tobacco, also have a good amount of component.
  • Syrah: Taste of the acidity of black olives to Red Velvet cake, with medium amount of components.
  • Nero D’Avola: Good taste of licorice, black cherry and leather. The Oak aging depends in the final product, medium to good amount of components.
  • Malbec: Enhanced acidity, this black grape type of wine has blueberry and vanilla flavors thanks to the oak aging. Medium amount of components.
  • Priorat: Inky aspect and with a special soil to grow the grapes, this wine have a medium amount of components
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: The classic red wine from France, with a touch in taste of pepper and cedar accompanied with a nice amount of fruity smells and texture. Medium-low amount of components.
  • Merlot: Higher tannin and savory tobacco flavors along with the classic taste of black cherry pie thanks to american oak aging process. Lowest amount of Resveratrol, polyphenols and flavonoids.

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The Scientists in the adventure to find the fountain of youth, the Resveratrol is taking a great impact in the Scientific community, in the report Damien Smith reports how this is being researched and how the world is taking this to greater heights.

About the Author.

My name is David Zermeño and I brought to you this interesting Hub about the benefits of the Red wine and how to take the full advantage of it. I hope you liked it and Feel free to comment your experiences and anecdotes, also you can give be a vote up to keep this kind of Hub in research and please, I encourage you to give a feedback in this Hub to keep track of you opinion.

Thanks and happy drinking and longevity.


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      UZMA BAIG 3 years ago


    • Dvd Zermeno Perez profile image

      David Zermeño 4 years ago from Mexico

      The wine in an average level of consumption is a really good beverage, It has many benefits to young people and even more to elder people. Thanks for your comment :)

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      Writer Fox 4 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I've often red that red wine is good for you. You present many of the facts that I never knew. Voted up!