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Best Denver Pizza You Never Have to Wait Long For

Updated on May 27, 2010

Best Pizza In Denver

There are plenty of great pizza places in Denver. I'm sure that people from back East will complain about how their pizza is better, but whether that is true or not, the fact remains that there are tons of good pizza restaurants in the Denver Metro area.

There is, however a problem. It is a very big problem. That problem is that when I want to order pizza, I want to eat pizza...soon, not in 45 minutes to an hour.

Best Denver Pizzas

New York Style Pizza in Denver

One of Denver's top 10 pizza places is Anthony's Pizza. Like other high-end pizza joints in Denver, Anthony's has a unique flavor and style that make it stand out among the typical pizza chains. Anthony's serves up New York Style Pizza, which if you aren't a hard-core pizza fan, means that the crust is soft.

Sometimes, the crust is so soft it won't support the weight of the pizza. To get around this, you can either eat your pizza with a fork and risk a much-deserved butt kicking from passersby, or you can fold your slice of pizza in half lengthwise, thereby increasing the structural integrity of the crust. This is in contract to the best Chicago style pizza which comes with a really thick crust that can't even be folded.

Truth be told, only Anthony's large pizzas require using this technique. Nevertheless, their pizza crust is outstanding. Their sauce is layered on and tastes like it has spices and flavorings, not just tomato paste that has been thinned down to spread out on a crust. Their toppings are delicious, especially, the all important pepperoni.

But, the great taste of Anthony's Pizza is not what inspired me to write a Hub about them, rather it is their commitment to FAST service. Call around at 6:00 p.m. on a Friday night about getting pizza delivery and you'll hear the guy on the other end tell you it will, "be about 45 minutes to an hour." Here is a free tip. When the guy says the words "1 hour" that means, our wait time has currently exceeded my ability to actually estimate how long it will take for you to get your pizza. In other words, hang up the phone and come up with plan B.

I called three pizza places in Denver on Friday night and got the dreaded "hour" response from the first two. The third place was Anthony's Pizza and the guy told me it would be 45 minutes, then he apparently looked at my address again and said, "Oh, actually it will be more like 30 minutes." (I live pretty close to a lot of pizza places.) Now, that is service. Not only is the delivery time reasonable, the guy actually knows enough about his business to know that when someone lives close by, they'll get their pizza sooner.

The one negative about Anthony's Pizza is there website. They apparently got suckered into paying too much for a website from some "great designer" who put more effort into developing some sort of scroll bar with a slice of pizza on each end as the up and down arrows. Well, gee golly whiz if that isn't just super neat-o! Are you kidding me? You tweaked SCROLLING?!? That's just super, too bad my mouse scroll wheel doesn't work and neither do the arrow keys, or the page down buttons, or anything else, but who cares, because that is so original.

I'd rant some more, but I have been mollified by the fact that Anthony's has a mobile website so I can check it out when I'm driving home...well, actually at red lights, but you get the point.

They also have a text message club where you get pizza deals by text message. Look for a sign on their cash register to sign up.

Funny Marketing

The icing on the cake is Anthony's hilarious marketing tactic of putting funny quotes, sayings, or other blurbs on their pizza boxes. No space is sacred. The bottom of the box, of course, gets "the treatment", but so do those flaps that tuck inside and hold the pizza box closed.

Personal favorites include a series of outrageous claims about Anthony discovering electricity and the like, followed by an asterisk and not-so-fine print that says things like "We aren't really sure about this."

Good food and a sense of humor. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.


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