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Best Pizza in Denver

Updated on April 28, 2015

Best Pizza Denver

Denver has a multitude of dining and restaurant options, but when the locals want to kick back and enjoy an easy, no-hassle dinner, they turn to pizza. Downtown Denver has tons of great pizza places. Some of the best pizza places in Denver offer free pizza delivery to homes nearby, or even to a nearby Denver hotel, although many now have a delivery charge of $2 or more. All of which makes grabbing a tasty pepperoni pizza even easier.

While Denver doesn't have the national reputation like thin-crust New York Pizza, or like the best Chicago pizza, don't let that fool you. Denver is home to several delicious pizza restaurants and a few unique pizza places as well.

Downtown Denver

Best Pizza In Denver

The competition for the best pizza in Denver is tough. There are numerous traditional pizzerias, as well as some more visionary pizza places as well. A few years ago, making a "modern" pizza meant throwing some avocado on as a topping. These days, picky diners demand more quality ingredients, tasty crust, and toppings piled high.

Oh, and that avocado? That's a "California" pizza now.

Top Pizza Restaurants Denver

The wide array of pizza joints in Denver means that picking one Best of Denver pizza is just not realistic. Instead, Denver diners enjoy a wide range of delicious pizza delivery and dining options.

Near the top of any Top Pizza in Denver list has to be Enzo's Pizza. This restaurant offers up delicious pizza with a thin crispy crust. They don't spend much time on decorating, and even less on appearances. If you want to run a white glove test when you go get pizza, find another place. If you just want to eat great pizza, head on down.

For creative pizza lovers, Buenos Aires Pizza in downtown Denver offers up a South American take on the American classic. Or, if you just want to try regular American style pizza but want to go more gourmet than the standard pepperoni, sausage, onion, toppings, check out Proto's Pizza. Located just west of Downtown in the Riverwalk area, Proto's offers the kind of pizza that you can pair with wine.

Other top Denver pizza restaurants include:

  • Carl's Pizza
  • Extreme Pizza
  • Pizza Colore
  • Nicolo's
  • Anthony's Pizza (the best New York style pizza in Denver!)
  • Marco's Pizza
  • Fat Sully's
  • Paxti's
  • Pasquini's PIzza

Best Denver Pizza fast on a Friday or Saturday night when you are worried about a long wait time or hour plus delivery time? Anthony's seems to be able to handle the weekend rush better than most other pizza joints, so I'd start with them.

For more great pizza places check out the Annual Westword Best of Denver list.

Cheap Pizza in Denver

You want cheap pizza in Denver?

Denver has plenty of cheap pizza, but, as you might imagine, the quality isn't as good. There is one pretty solid option though for cheap but good, nation chain pizza.

Papa John's here in the Denver area offers 50 percent off, or half off, your order without a coupon or online coupon code, the day after most Denver area sports teams win. Now, in the fall, when the Bronco's only play one day per week, that offer can be trickier to time. But, in the Winter, Spring and Summer when the Colorado Avalanche, or the Colorado Rockies are playing, half-off pizza days come a little easier. (You know, hopefully, if the Rockies aren't threatening to lose 100 games in a single season, that is.)

If you want to stick to the higher tier pizza, try Mondays and Tuesdays. Anthony's pizza offers pizza deals on both days, and some of the others do on one or the other.

Another tip is to try ordering online and look for an online coupons button or a hot deals button. At Marco's Pizza, for example, they'll give you $9.99 cheese pizza if you click on hot deals while you are ordering online. No pizza coupon code required.

Finally, while it seems to be an all or nothing with most people. Little Caesar's Pizza offers $5 cheese or pepperoni pizzas. I happen to like Little Caesars pizzas, but plenty of other people do not. Still if you are ordering for a big group event, or you have a few friends over with similar tastes, they are a great way to get a lot of basic pizza fast and cheap.


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