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Best Ethnic Food in Sioux Falls: Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian

Updated on April 6, 2013

Find Great Flavors in Your Sioux Falls Neighborhood

Sometimes the ordinary steak and potatoes can get boring. These restaurants are sure to offer something new to your taste buds.

Mexican restaurants are now everywhere, especially places where there is a growing Meixcan-American population. Tex-Mex cuisine is now as Americanized as pizza. For a familiar spin on Tex-Mex, head to Puerto Vallarta in Sioux Falls. It has all of combo platters, free chips, and margarita specials we have come to expect from neighborhood Mexican restaurants. For something a little more unique try the enchiladas at Mama Lada's at 116 W. 11th St. For a more authentic Mexican taste, try Los Toros Authentic Mexican Restaurant at 1010 N. Minnesota Ave. It has "authentic" right in the name. You can judge if it lives up to it.

India, one of the world's fine cuisines, is not well represented in Sioux Falls. It seems is Taste of India at 1504 W. Russell St. is closed.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota may be far from the Middle East but two restaurants bring the flavors of the Middle East and East Africa to the Midwest. Sanaa's at 401 E. 8th St. is not only a "green" restaurant it also has vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options on its Middle Eastern menu. They cater, so if you need to diversify your offerings to please vegans and vegetarians at your next event, call Sanaa.

Lalibela Restaurant at 1001 W 11th St. features Ethiopian food. If you've never had this cuisine before, it is a delicious combination of the flavors and spices of India, Africa, and the Middle East, due in large part to Ethiopia's geography at the intersection of those cultures.

Pita Pit has mediocre falafel, but great tasting other options. It is fast food without the grease or the guilt. Located on Minnesota, is convenient whether you are downtown or farther south. The Middle East-inspired menu allows for healthy options and it as a sandwich-shop feel to it.

One of the pleasant surprises in Sioux Falls is the exceptional Vietnamese food available at Pho Quynh 1100 West 12th Street, Sioux Falls.They have Pho, noodle salads, egg rolls, spring rolls, and more. Vietnamese food is already vegan friendly. You may need to ask them to skip fish sauce in some dishes. They have a huge selection for vegans and vegetarians. They cook to order, so don't be afraid to ask for special considerations.

For food that hails from south of the border, that is way south of the border, there is Carnaval Brazilian Grill. It is a Brazilian steakhouse that features salad bar and a variety of roasted beef. This cuisine is inspired by the gaucho, read cowboy, lifestyle of Brazil, so come hungry.This one is obviously not vegan friendly, but it is unique.


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  • youmeget profile image

    youmeget 6 years ago

    Beautiful hub.

  • Russell-D profile image

    Russell-D 6 years ago from Southern Ca.

    I was with the team who put KSOO-TV on the air in Sioux City. I always found the best

    meals were are the stockyard cafes. David Russell