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Best Vegetarian Indian Restaurant in Stamford, CT

Updated on August 1, 2013

Why try Indian vegetarian food?

Most meat lovers think that vegetarian food comes with very limited choices. Have you ever tried Indian vegetarian food?

Meat lovers! ATTENTION! You will be proved wrong here! You will be surprised at the wide variety of choices that vegetarian Indian food has to offer.

In order to arouse your "veggie" taste buds visit Navaratna, the one and only Indian restaurant in Stamford, CT, offering a completely vegetarian menu. It's rare, its unique and that is why you should not miss it when you are in Stamford.


Masala Dosa

Navaratna - the sole "veggie" Indian restaurant in Stamford

Indian dining has been quite famous in Stamford but an exclusive "veggie" place is a new concept, which by the way has been very well accepted by the local crowd. Navaratna started out quite recently and is doing very well judging by the fact that whenever I have been there to eat, very few seats were left empty. It also has an al fresco dining area and during the summer it is difficult to grab a table outside.


Idli, Vada and Sambar
Idli, Vada and Sambar
Bhel Puri (Chaat)
Bhel Puri (Chaat)

A quick menu guide

For first timers to an Indian restaurant, do not worry! Ask the staff about what you want from the menu and they will explain it to you. Here are some recommendations.

  • For authentic South Indian snacks, try the "Sambar Idli", "Sambar Vada" or the "Masala Vada" from the appetizer section. They are made of either rice or lentils and served with a spicy soup. Don't worry about the spice contents. Let the staff know that you want it mild.
  • For an experience of the tangy Indian street food, try one of the items from the "Chaat" section.
  • For the main course try a dish from the "South Indian Curry" or the "North Indian Curry" sections. My suggestion would be to order one of the South Indian curries as Navaratna primarily caters to a South Indian cuisine. Try them with bread or other rice dishes.
  • Instead of sticking to the usual rice, bread and curry affair you can also try one of the "Navaratna Dosa Delights". They look like pancakes, are light and crispy, usually made up of rice and lentils and served with a soup.
  • And we come to the desert! Suggestions are the "Gulab Jamun" or the "Carrot Halwa".


Prices and other info

Cheaper compared to the other Indian restaurants in downtown Stamford. Good price for the quantity served. They also provide a Lunch Box to-go at $7 which is a great price! A family atmosphere and a good location.


Take a peek inside!



Below you can find what people have to say about Navaratna and why you should stop by if you are in Stamford.


Visit their website here.

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    • ponx profile image

      Ponx 7 years ago from USA

      Thank you J.McCoy. I am non vegetarian but I do like to dine in a vegetarian restautant occasionally, for a change :)

    • J. McCoy profile image

      J. McCoy 7 years ago from CA (originally)

      It just looks incredible! I've been a veggie all my life - I just can't digest meat - and this really looks good! There are some great, all veggie restaurants in San Fransisco, too. Thank you for the hub! You got my vote up, useful and awesome!