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Breakfast and Virginity

Updated on February 27, 2015

Miss Breakfast - Lose Virginity

My eye was caught by a catchy little article in the paper the other morning. At the time I was drinking my Starbucks Coffee and eating a Skinny Blueberry Muffin. This was my breakfast.

The article was titled "Skip Breakfast, Lose Virginity". No worries, I lost my virginity a long time ago and it was a long way after breakfast. I had to think though. Had I missed breakfast that day? I think it unlikely because I was at boarding school when it happened and never got enough to eat. Missing any meal was a traumatic event.

Come to think of it I would definitely have skipped breakfast at twelve years of age if I thought I had half a chance.

Full English Breakfast

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You can make statistics do anything

 Unusually I loved statistics at college. I liked the way results could be quickly changed using mean, median and mode and really appreciated the statement attributed to Benjamin Disraeli which said "There are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics." Surely Sex and Virginity lay somewhere between the three.


Sushi Breakfast

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Only 3000 people were surveyed

Only 3000 people were surveyed in concerns over the dropping Birth Rate in Japan. It also found that 40% of married couples had not had sex in a month because they were too tired when they got home from work.

On the virginity side it discovered that out of these 3000 that if you have a poor homelife i.e. 'Your Parents Don't Make You Breakfast' then you are more likely not to eat and so you will probably lose your virginity at 17.5 years rather than at 19.4.

I suppose statistically speaking then that my home life must have been pretty terrible because I was way under 17.5. But it wasn't. My homelife was good....only I wasn't at home.

Maybe Japanese teens go to some sort of erotic Sushi Bar instead for a bite on their way to school or work.

Alternative Breakfast

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Using the same survey

Using the same survey results...poor homelife...I would be prepared to guess that in the same group of people there were also those who drank alcohol earlier, smoked, took drugs, stayed out all night and and and I could go on. Surely the alcohol would be a more likely reason...inhibitions masked and sensibility dulled....but then there is always that alcohol on an empty stomach hits harder. So perhaps it was the missing breakfast after all.


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  • jenniferg78 profile image

    jenniferg78 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

    Great hub. i agree with you and with Cris, it is the poor homelife that may have the bigger influence. Maybe breakfast is an indication of homelife but not of virginity.

  • Cris A profile image

    Cris A 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    LOL I would have lived to a millions years and still would have never correlated breakfast, lunch and dinner with virginity! But there is some grain of truth in the relationship between poor homelife and sexual activity. In the Philippines, the staggering rate of population increase is somehow attributed to the urban poor - it is said that due to absence of work and other activities such as eating, they have sex. Thanks for sharing this! :D