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Burgers of Marlow The Best Bakery In Town!

Updated on October 8, 2014

There are not many shops left in Marlow that have been there all my life. Large supermarkets come and go, local sweet shops close down. Each and every place that was so familiar to me has gone. Apart from Burgers. To me, Marlow wouldn't be Marlow without this top bakery sitting on the corner of the high street.

Times change, but Burgers stays the same. And thank goodness for that. Burgers bakery started in 1942 when Marie and Eric Burger opened a 'Continental Confectioners'.

The origin of the Burger name (pronounced bur-jer soft g) and family came from Neuchatel Switzerland. And now all these years later, Bernhard, the son of Marie and Eric, manages the business with his daughter Rachel. The bakery continues to make delicious bread, chocolate, pastries even home made soup.

Burgers Counter
Burgers Counter | Source


So what makes it so special?

Well, for a start the cakes are to die for! Burgers have their own Pastry chefs and believe me when I say they can cook and create a work of art in a pastry. I go into Burgers at least two or three times a week, and I have to drag myself away from the counter. The trouble is, I go in for a cake, and come out with everything else.

You can buy to take away, or go and sit down in the small restaurant area or tea room. Order a pot of tea or coffee then sit a while reading the newspaper and eating some of these delicious pastries. Or try the Chocolate Eclairs, macaroons, meringues, and so many more.

Burgers Tea Room

Burgers of Marlow public domain
Burgers of Marlow public domain

The Tea Room

There's just something so English about a tea room. Just those magic words cream scones, is enough to send me out of my house and down to Burgers. I love coming here. I always find that to escape the day, especially in the Winter, I need to find a cosy place that makes me feel relaxed.

Burgers Tea room does that. Its so familiar to me. Over the years my family have probably spent more time in there than anywhere else in Marlow. The great thing about the sit down area is that you can spend a lovely hour just drinking tea, eating a full breakfast or just nibbling at scones while watching the world go by. Burgers is situated opposite Higginson Park and Marlow Bridge. And the views are perfect to people watch.

Lovely chocolate made in Burgers
Lovely chocolate made in Burgers | Source


The Burger family have been making chocolate here ever since the 1940s. Having trained in Switzerland they obviously come from the home of chocolatiers.

Each chocolate is handcrafted, and comes in a variety of cute little gift boxes. I have often just stood there staring at the chocolates in their various packaging wondering who I can buy some for, and then ending up buying it for me. Can't resist it, they just look so yummy!

Wedding Cakes at Burgers Marlow
Wedding Cakes at Burgers Marlow | Source

They Even Do Wedding Cakes!

Getting married is probably one of the most stressful days in our lives. So we want to make sure that at least one thing goes right. The Wedding cake. By putting your trust in Burgers you know it will turn out just fine.

The cakes are baked by specialty bakers, each and every detail is a work of art. Whether you want a theme or the traditional wedding cake, each and every detail is perfect.

The Service

I have been visiting Burgers ever since I was a child, and the one thing that I have always noticed is the polite and prompt service. Every cup of tea is given with a smile, and you know you won't have to wait very long to receive your order. The great thing about Burgers is that its quite a local thing.

These days, what with the arrival of Starbucks along with loads of other coffee shops, and believe me when I say there are loads in Marlow, its nice to know that the one thing that does not change is Burgers.

Its Marlows little secret. And hopefully it will stay here for many more years to come. Where else would I go to buy my hot sausage rolls? Then again I could eat my way through their selection of cornish pasties, scones, chocolate and well you get the idea!

copyright nell rose Nell Rose connoisseur of Cakes, Pastries and all things Yummy!
copyright nell rose Nell Rose connoisseur of Cakes, Pastries and all things Yummy! | Source

My Opinion?

Well, my opinion is probably biased, but hey, who cares? I love Burgers! And I love the fact here is a place that hasn't changed. Neither has it compromised its original plan of supplying Marlow town with great quality food. Whether its sausage rolls, cornish pasties, cakes or chocolates, the quality is still the best. The reason?

Because it doesn't hurry. There isn't any need to keep up with the ultra fast modern world. Some of the staff have been there longer than I have been around. And believe me that's a long time! Burgers recently did a bit of refurbishing. Nothing drastic, nothing to send it screaming into the modern world. No, just a bit of flooring, a dash of paint and a couple of new counters.

And that's all it needed. The staff are friendly, the baking is extraordinary, and the location? Well, lets just say its nearly darn perfect!

Anything to complain about?

To be fair I am trying to find a negative aspect of Burgers. So far I can't find any fault. But if I find one I will let you know!

So, how would I rate it out of five for Food, Service, Value, Atmosphere? - 5/5 On all counts.

Do You Like The Sound Of Burgers? Please Rate It!

5 stars for Burgers Bakery

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