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Burned Tea, Good Tea, and Great Tea Part 1

Updated on February 2, 2017

Tea is one of the most ceremonious drinks enjoyed globally. For some, it’s another part of the daily ritual for starting, accentuating, or ending a day. Whether a cup of chair in the afternoon, chamomile before bed, or English breakfast in the morning, tea is important. It’s a wonder why so many tea drinkers and “aficionados” spend extravagantly on their tea of choice yet cuts corners on how they make it.

The Fragility Of Tea Leaves

Many tea lovers understand the difficulty in brewing the perfect cup of tea. Just having the proper tools isn’t enough due to the fragility of tea leaves. Still, some take shortcuts by simply using their microwave to heat up water. The issue lies in the uniqueness of each type of tea. Every tea has a specific temperature that maximizes flavor. Exceeding the aforementioned temperature results in a watery, lessened flavor that equals little more than a disappointed version of what could’ve been.
At the same time, using microwaves or non-quality kettles can result in the temperature of the water being too low. This can also limit the taste of the tea, resulting in the consumer being unable to experience the full-bodied flavor the tea leaves offer at their optimum temperature.


The Right Kettle & The Wrong Kettle

Finding the right tea kettle is a must for anyone that consumes tea regularly. Thankfully, there are an abundance of options to choose from with a variety of manufacturers that swear by their standards of tea making ability. Whilst there is a certain nostalgia that accompanies using older kettles used by family members, friends, or purchase second hand, nostalgia doesn’t equal good tea. Taking the time to invest in a new quality kettle pays dividends.
The new generation of high-tech kettles that are available on the market have been designed to be water and energy efficient, whilst pinpointing the best temperature for brewing tea, without breaking your wallet. Not to mention, the new generation of tea kettles often feature a beautiful and simple design that can be as similar as old kettles to as unique as works of art.


Steel Kettles & Precise Necks

There are a few options for buying quality kettles, however, using an electric kettle is generally regarded as the best option. A majority of electric kettles are cordless and made with stainless
steel, making them easily transportable or usable in a kitchen or room of any size without risk of damage. The stainless steel used in most electric kettles has the added benefit of holding in heat to ensure that water stays at the perfect temperature for long periods of time. The diversity in tea kettle necks can vary to the user’s choice. The difference in kettle necks is
due to the variations in pouring styles and precision from user to user. The other reason for variant kettle necks is that some are made to be multi usable for both tea and coffee. A precise neck is recommended for those that want to use a kettle for tea and coffee. A precise neck also assures a more controlled pour which can prevent the damaging of fragile tea leaves, whilst avoiding spillage for those with shaky hands.


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