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Buying Organic Foods: The Advantages

Updated on May 15, 2013


What are the exact advantages of purchasing organic foods? This is the question revolving around a majority of the society. The popularity of organic diets is fast increasing. It is rare and in fact uncommon to find people who have no idea what organic foods are. In fact a large number of people are now changing their diets to include or become exclusively organic diets. The benefits of organic food diets for the sick, old and all people in general are proving to be one in a million. Many experts in nutritional health are continuously promoting the organic food diets as opposed to genetically modified foods. Parents and guardians are constantly encouraging their children to take up the much healthier organic food diets. . The popularity of organic food diets has claimed thousands of consumers by promoting itself as the healthier and generally better option. Research shows that more and more people are finding organic diets much more beneficial and with more advantages compared to manufactured food and the genetically modified food. The following are some of the benefits you will gain by buying organic food:

Whether it is with your family or even yourself, you will often find that organic foods have more natural taste and texture. The taste of the organic food have not been modified by any preservatives or speeded up growth and maturity. The foods have had the ample time to grow and accumulate their saturated taste and thereby give the best and most reliable taste. For example genetically modified and manufactured foods often look very good on the shelves because they are grown to give the best outlook possible, however, the fruits often taste flat and have no juice in them. They are in some cases very dry and disappointing as far as the taste is concerned. On the other hand, organic fruits are given ample time to grow and develop all their features fully, they are therefore much more tastier and juicy. The tastiness allows for constant maneuvering with recipes for yourself and your family to make meals even more enjoyable. You will find that when you introduce an organic diet, food will become more enjoyable for your family in addition to being even more nutritious. The environment within which the organic foods are grown is directed at ensuring they develop the maximum taste and nutritional value rather than the outlook of the food.


The second and probably most highlighted benefit of organic food is the lack of pesticides and chemical residues. Organic food farms do not use the artificial pesticides and chemicals that leave harmful residues in the food. In addition, the manufactured food and genetically modified foods additionally have undergone further chemical processing to add flavor and increase their preservative state. For this reason, you may find that often you are ingesting more chemicals than nutritional value when it comes to manufactured and non-organic food. On the other hand organic food carries with it the natural flavor and no additional preservatives thereby reducing significantly the intake of chemicals in your diet. Organic foods are processed in their natural state, giving you high nutritional value that not only ensures that you get enough nutritional diet maintenance. Organic diets allow you and your family to develop proper immunity and strength for yourself through a proper diet. With organic food you reduce the chemical intake in your body and although the effects of the pesticides and genetically modifying chemicals are yet to be established conclusively, experts often feel that there are some effects even if they are yet to be established conclusively.

Organic food often makes dieting and weight management much easier for people. People have found it much easier to maintain a good weight and nutritionally highly content food. If you are overweight or trying to maintain a proper weight organic foods can make these much easier. Organic foods have less hydrogenated and saturated fats, that often cause weight increase and make it difficult to maintain a good weight. If you have children, you will find that maintaining proper weight for them in the age where fast foods are becoming common and a great danger to the youth is quite hard. However, if you introduce organic foods into your family’s diets you will find that you are able to control their weight and ensure that your family remains healthy without much hustle. There are experts who actually recommend a completely organic health diet as a technique for losing weight. The results are often outstanding yet people do not have to do much, just eat complete organic diets. Even with large portions, organic diets still have much lower fat contents than the manufactured and genetically modified foods. In addition, organic foods generally do not require be frying and saturating in order to become tasty. Even boiled or steamed the food often has some great tastes.


People on organic food diets develop a much stronger immunity to common diseases than those on manufactured and genetically modified diets. We are constantly under attack from foreign bacteria and viruses, which can easily cause deterioration in your own health and that of your family. The developed world today has so many foreign substances in the water, air and even the environment itself. With so many foreign substances diseases are becoming more common and our immune systems are having to adapt to new threats on a daily basis.  Organic diets allow you to develop new immunities while at the same time boosting your already developed immunities to combat the diseases and bacteria. For healthier lives and less susceptibility to diseases, it is advisable to stick to a completely organic food diet rather than mix the organic with the manufactured and genetically modified foods. Doctors, nutritionists and other experts agree that an organic diet gives you and your family more immunity to protect the newly developing bacteria, viruses and diseases while at the same time protecting you from age specific syndromes such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, arthritis and osteoporosis.

The increased nutritional value of the organic food means that you do not need to eat a large portion in order to get the required daily nutritional content. With a small portion, you and your family members get all the required nutritional content you need. With the genetically modified foods, the nutritional content is very low therefore requiring larger portions to satisfy the body. With the decreasing portions of food you and your family require, you will find that the frequency of grocery shopping in addition to the quantity of grocery shopping decreases significantly saving you time and money.


Finding organic food is quite simple, although there is no specific way of telling organic food apart from the genetically modified food. The simplest technique would be to preferably visit local organic food stores for your supply. Although not all experts agree on the benefits of organic food, it is hard to refute the facts that often speak for themselves. In the pursuit of the health for yourself and your family, you can only settle for the best. Organic foods ensure that your family enjoys the best that nature has to offer in terms of food. The digestion and other systems of the body function at optimum rates when organic food is introduced to the diets. The easiness in digestiveness makes the food ideal for the aging, children, babies and every single person in the universe. Buying organic food will make you and your family healthier and more productive. 


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  • sweetguide profile image

    sweetguide 5 years ago from River side

    Hi, Another great Hub full of really interesting information.

  • smcopywrite profile image

    smcopywrite 6 years ago from all over the web

    thanks for sharing this great information. the more information provided about organic foods, the more we will promote the growing and selling and hopefully make it more affordable. i would luv to see the day its the rule and not the exception on the shelves of our grocery stores.

  • nperc23 profile image

    nperc23 6 years ago from California

    Some good info here! For more info on dangers of Dairy visit this article: