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CARP are a great tasting fish. Yes, I said carp!

Updated on May 22, 2015

If done right, it can be a tasty dish!


You just need to prepare them properly!

Why do so many cook books have recipes for carp? Well, they are a very tasty fish. Many would say better than cat fish. Ok, why then do so many refuse to eat them? Well, carp will thrive in dirty water and are a strange looking fish! Plus many people do not know how to prepare them. That's why.

Here are 2 things that you must know about carp. One, they can contain a lot of mercury. Therefore, you should catch them out of clean bodies of water. Two, they have a mud vein that they use to store mud and toxins (not sure why). * So, when you catch one, you need to take a large knife and open its side. Cut the "mud vein" out and then wash the meat well. Soak it in salt and vinegar in the refrigerator and then rinse well with cold water . Here is a secret- the "mud vein" opens when the carp dies, and all of the mud seeps into the fish. If you cut it out you will have nice fillets. Though I have never eaten the eggs, I hear that they are the best part! Enjoy, but not too often. Mercury does not like humans. : )

Also Sheepheads or drums are pretty good. Just fillet and cook them like you would a black bass.



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    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 4 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      There is such an unfair stigma about Carp, and I don't think its going away!

    • Vernpaulwriter profile image

      Vernpaulwriter 7 years ago from backwoods of Nevada

      Ok, I am chinese, and as a culture we love fish, but I draw the line at carp lol....Most of my relatives love it, but not me.

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 7 years ago from Philippines

      The carp emits strong fishy smell fresh or cooked that's why few would want it in their table. I'll try working on a live one when I get a chance just to de-vein it and discover the effect to the meat. This fish only comes in rainy season down here. Seldom finds one alive in the market. Thanks for sharing this.